Devicemeister StepicVST, a poly step and modulation sequencer plugin for your DAW

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Devicemeister StepicVST is a new polyphonic step and modulation sequencer plugin and Max for live device with advanced functionalities.

Step sequencers are an important part of electronic music. For many, they are the tool with which they start compositions. And nowadays you can find them in hardware but also in software right in the DAW. Like Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio.. The complexity of these sequencers have increased massively in recent years. It used to be primarily about triggering notes, today you can build in repeats, work with AI, create modulations, etc.

But there are still DAWs that are a bit backward and offer no or only very simple sequencers. A new sequencer plugin should solve this. Stepic by Devicemeister was previously only available as an Ableton Live Max for Live device, but now there is StepicVST, the VST3 and AU plugin of it. Time to super-step-charge your DAW.

Devicemeister stepicVST

Devicemeister StepicVST

StepicVST is a new advanced polyphonic step and modulation sequencer plugin. The core is based on a single 16 step note sequencer with an extendable pattern length up to 16 bars. Thus, you can archive a maximum sequence length of 4096 steps (16 steps x 16 bars x 16 patterns). The sequencer also offers an integrated pattern store system for up to 16 patterns and gives you the option to use pre-defined or your own scales.

To keep your sequences more organic and interesting, StepicVST gives you for each section (pitch, octave, duration…) a separate sequence that can be defined by the user. You have already read it in the title of the article, yes, StepicVST is polyphonic and features a built-in chord editor with 6 octave range and on each step you can set an individual chords.

Then, you get probability, note repeat,and advanced randomization functions for over 200 functions. Also it hosts options for quick dice, retrigger, and random step order per section, and note offset and note divider per step.

Modulation Sequencer

Stepic or the VST version of it is not only a classic note sequencer, it also includes a versatile modulation sequencer with 8 lanes with same feature set. Use them to automate any parameter (filter cutoff, wavetable position, effect amount) of your favorite synth or effect devices. The developer added MIDI CC support giving you the freedom to use it with your favorite hardware or software synthesizers and instruments.

A very exciting sequencer plugin. Especially exciting if you want to break out of your DAW habit and you want to sequence in a new way. But also great to upgrade your DAWs with a deeper sequencer.

Devicemeister StepicVST is available now for 39€ and runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. Stepic is also available as a Max for Live device for 39€ or in a bundle for 49€ with the plugin version. There are also upgrade offers available.

More information here: Devicemeister 

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