Waves Kaleidoscopes, Advanced FX Plugin For Analog Inspired Modulation Sounds

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Waves has released Kaleidoscopes, a new analog-style modulation suite featuring phaser, flanger, chorus, and tremolo fx with dual cascade engines & responsive real-time triggers

Kaleidoscopes plugin is based on a dual cascade architecture that gives you two FX engines that you can cascade serially into one another for unique effects, or run in parallel for super-wide soundscapes. The two FX engines are packed with all-time favorite analog-modeled effects from legendary eras including the ’60s (phasing & tape flanging), ’70s (tremolo vibes), and the ’80s (chorus).

On each of the two engines, you can choose a selection of waveshapes or any sidechain signal from your DAW session to be the modulation input. The plugin goes even further. You can even take your performance as the input, allowing your live playing to control the sound in real-time and drive the pulsing of the effect.

Waves Kaleidoscopes

Dual Modulation Processor With A Twist

In the plugin, you have access to different parameters. You can have control over the speed, resonance, width, and depth of the modulation, plus filter settings and mix knobs for extreme versatility.

You can also choose from 5 different effects “characters” for different analog flavors, and tempo-sync the modulation effect to your DAW session to keep things consistent every time you re-open your song. Kaleidoscopes plugin gives you 5 different effect characters to choose from for different analog flavors. Further, it offers a tempo-sync function for the modulation that keeps things consistent every time your re-open your DAW with your project. Waves added a THRU mode for that much-loved stompbox sound with the dry signal on one channel and the wet signal on the other. Guitarists will love this.

Intelligent Triggering

One of the highlights of this new plugin are the built-in intelligent triggers. With these, Kaleidoscopes becomes an extension of your musical thoughts—a real creative partner. By setting input-sensitive envelopes and adjusting intelligent triggers, you enable the two effects to “listen” to your playing and respond dynamically, expressing nuances of emotion and feel. The plugin becomes part of your performance means it reacts differently to how intensely or lightly, fast, or slow your sing or play.


  • Phaser, Flanger, Chorus & Tremolo super-suite
  • Best-of palette of analog modulation sounds based on studio classics
  • Secret weapon to make drums, vocals, synths & guitars move & breathe
  • Unique Dual Cascade architecture: ‘cascade’ any two effects in series or run them in parallel for deeper soundscapes
  • Intelligent Triggering responds dynamically to your playing in real time
  • Selectable modulation sources: input, sidechain & diverse waveshapes
  • Speed, Resonance, Width, Depth & Mix controls per modulation engine
  • 5 different effect characters for diverse analog flavors
  • THRU mode for the musician-favorite ‘Wet/Dry’ rig effect

Waves Audio Kaleidoscopes is priced regularly $99 USD but for a limited time, you can purchase it for $38.99 USD with the coupon code LASTCALL at checkout.

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