Digital Brain Instruments vPlayer 3, a free VST/AU plugin host for mac & windows

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Digital Brain Instruments vPlayer 3 is a simple, free standalone mac/windows app for hosting your VST/VST3/AU plugins outside your DAW.

Plugins are always connected to a DAW. This is because they have a host functionality. If you want to integrate your plugins on the stage or in a hardware setup, you can use a standalone Plugin Host.

With Mainstage 3, for example, Apple has a no-brainer host application in the MacStore. In this you can host plugins, create layers but also use all instruments from Logic Pro including Alchemy. A product that is used by many professional musicians on tour. But there is also a very simple option that is free and available for macOS and Windows. vPlayer 3 is a new free plugin host you should not miss.

Digital Brain Instruments vPlayer 3

Digital Brain Instruments vPlayer 3

vPlayer 3 is a free standalone VST/VST3/AU plugin host for macOS and Windows. The software allows you to use plugins (virtual instruments/effects) without a DAW. So you can also bring your sounds to jams or concerts without starting the entire DAW.

Digital Brain Instruments’ new plugin host support up to 4 VST/VST3/AU instruments at the same time. Each instrument can be routed to one MIDI channel or all four together. So you can play plugins separately on four keyboards if you want.

Then, ach instrument slot also features a VST/VST3/AU effect plugin to refine your sounds. At the end of the signal chain, you get a master EQ. vPlayer 3 also features a built-in recorder that allows you to record the output with up to 192kHz quality.

A very useful plugin for anyone who wants to use plugins outside of their DAW.

Digital Brain Instruments vPlayer 3 is available now for free for macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows.

More information here: Digital Brain Instruments 

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  1. I am not a fan of vst:s that fullt depend on a Daw, I much prefer to combine several standalone synths.
    Abort 7 months ago I purchased Apples mainstage, but I didnt really get in to it much.
    For payware I use mostly arturia softare and was pretty bummed out when Roland sound canvas couldnt operate on its own, but thanks to this brilliant program I can combine plugins and standalone vst:s just as I like!!

    Took me a while to figure it out but once I had, it was such a Joy to use !

    A must have for all virtual synth players 😎

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