AudioThing Noises plugin lets you explore unique noise textures from Hainbach’s lab

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AudioThing invites you on a fascinating noise texture journey through Hainbach’s laboratory with its new experimental virtual instrument Noises. 

Noise is a sound that is perceived as unpleasant and loud. It is often viewed as negative. Whether it’s the noise of a construction site just outside the door or the roaring sound of a big city. It can go so far as to make people sick. Musicians also have something to do with noise. In two senses even.

A defective or incorrectly wired music setup can produce unwanted interference. Something we all don’t like in our music studios or live settings. But noise can also be seen positively and used creatively. The pleasant noise that electronic musicians like to add in Synthesizer sounds to make it more characterful.

AudioThing Noises

With Noises, AudioThing is showing a new experimental plugin that shows the positive side of noise. And again in close collaboration with German composer and YouTuber Hainbach.

AudioThing Noises

Noises is already the fourth plugin release (Gong Amp, Wires, Things Motor) from the two creative minds. It’s the first instrument, so far there have only been effects. Noises is an experimental sample-based instrument packed with unique noisescapes from Hainbach’s sound laboratory in Berlin. The library features hundreds of newly crafted noises from rare vintage measurement and tape equipment, analog synths, strange field recording, and more.

There is good news for everyone who also has a Hainbach-like collection of samples. Noises is not tied to the internal library, it also allows you to load your own samples and create your own noise banks. It supports wav, aiff but also high-quality audio formats like FLAC and OGG.

AudioThing Noises Hainbach

Noises Core

The core of Noises relies on a precision crossfader that allows you to creatively crossfade between eight sound of each bank. Sounds can be manipulated in real-time in different ways. On the left, you have a performance section with controls over the level, pitch, out gain, attack, and release. Then, you can shape them with a multimode filter and infuse dirty character with the built-in bit-crusher effect.

AudioThing & Hainbach also added a sequencer with which you can set the noises in motion. You can play sequences, mute sounds and randomize them. In the trip section, you can choose the trip modulation (pendulum, random), set the speed of it and add randomness to it using the fuzzy control.

The plugin can be used in two ways. Either in free mode (sync = free), where you can use the trigger button or a MIDI note to turn noises on/off. Or in host mode (sync = host), in which the plugin will start and stop with your DAW playback.

A very special, inspiring instrument plugin. Very easy to use, and thanks to custom sample support with endless possibilities for noise explorers. I love that it shows the other side of noise, how beautiful, fine, authentic and full of character it can sound.

AudioThing Noises is available now for an introductory price of 45€ instead of 69€. It runs as a 64-bit only VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows.

More information here: AudioThing 

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