Glou-Glou Loupé, Creative Looper/Delay Pedal With Live Remixing Features

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Glou-Glou Loupé, a new creative looper/delay stereo pedal in baby blue or white, equipped with a feature set that combines live looping & remixing

We interact with instruments. Whether guitar, synthesizer, trumpet, drums … they are instruments that we play. Good or bad, the main things are that it’s fun and that we create lots of nice noise. There are even musicians who use a mixer as an instrument, there is a video here.

Looper are not to be forgotten here either. Many musicians nowadays use these small audio wonder boxes like an fully-featured instrument. No wonder, nowadays looper pedals have so many features on board that allow them to be used like an instrument. With the Loupé, Glou-Glou brings a stereo looper onto the market that brings a breath of fresh air to the area. It is not the longest in term of audio recording, but one of the most special pedals I have seen so far.

Glou-Glou Loupé

Glou-Glou Loupé

Loupé is a 48khz/24bit stereo looper pedal that packs many classic features but also new ideas that lead the concept of audio looping into new areas. The pedal has 32 MB Ram which gives you a total of 86 seconds of stereo audio. It’s definitely not designed for very long audio loops. But thanks to the built-in effect (feedbacks, delay…), your material can be made endless, which means that the mangled audio is much longer than the pure recording time of the unit.

The unit features two selectable line/mic inputs where the audio material begins its as yet unknown sound journey. The loops are recorded in so-called Games (50 factory/49 user memory slots). These are actually loop presets that can interact with each other. Each Game contains a switch configuration and global parameter settings. The latter includes quantization, sync, loop-window shifting, low & high-pass filters, and more.

Loupé’s user interface is completely adaptable to the musician. So you can assign various functions that are important to you to any switch. For each switch, you can choose between toggle and sustain behavior. Available are functions such as record with or without BPM, overdub, replace, stack, pause, mute & more. Then some functions have unquantized/quantized variants to either the quantize-clock or bar-clock.

Glou Glou Loupé

ReadFX – Remixing Effects

Once a loop has been recorded, the more exciting part of the Loupé pedal for me comes. Now a number of ReadFX are available to the user, with which you can mangle the loops aka remixing them. This includes:

  • Toggle/Sustain: set switch behaviour
  • Dry/Wet: set the volume balance of the effect in relation to the dry sound (10/0 to 0/10)
  • Feedback: ReadFX can be fed into the feedback path letting you record the result (0 to 10)
  • Pitch: change playback speed in semitones (-12 to +12)
  • Reverse: read loop backwards. Either stay in the loop or use infinite mode
  • Stutter: create mini-loops of rhythmic* length or micro loops at pitch intervals (E1-E4)
  • Auto-Follow: automatically retrigger pitch, stutter, and reverse at rhythmic* intervals
  • Drift: set speed at which stutter-loop start-point shifts over time, either backwards or forwards
  • LFO: affects pitch. Set Shape (sine, random), rate, and amount
  • Redux: change the playback sample rate for a lo-fi sound

Experimental effects such as resynthesis, granular synthesis… are missing here. These would certainly fit this pedal.  All these effects can be combined, allowing complex combinations. For example, you can combine a reverse effect with pitch, stutter, auto follower, LFO, and more. With this, you can achieve deep sound manipulations. A simple audio loop becomes a massive, envolving sound construct.

Loupé Presentation By Hainbach

At first glance, a special kind of looper pedal. Not only is its very unusual interface striking, but also its feature set that covers classic and modern looper concepts in one pedal. A big plus is the stereo signal flow, which opens up more areas of application than with guitars. Very useful for synths, drum machines, and more.

Glou-Glou Loupé will be available on May 15th, 8 PM GMT+2 for 500€/$650 USD in the first batch with 45 blue and 45 white units.

More information here: Glou-Glou

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