Puremagnetik Innervelt, Free Multi-FX Plugin For Unconventional Sound Processing

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Support the new release Noontide of Micah Frank (Puremagnetik) on Bandcamp and download as thank you Innervelt, a new experimental plugin (PC/Mac)

There is a new plugin from Puremagnetik, but this time it’s not part of their Spark subscription. The new Innervelt plugin is a gift from the developer Micah Frank to everyone who supports its new album Noontide on Bandcamp until October 15th. For a donation, you get the new album with interesting music but also a free VST/AU plugin as a download. A different way of promoting an album but I like it.

Since the album is “name your price”, you can download both completely for free, but in the current special times, musicians are very grateful for every €. Now about the plugin and of course, it’s not a simple bread & butter effect plugin.

Puremagnetik Innervelt


Innervelt is a “Dark Haze Machine” that captures incoming audio and processes it through an unconventional order of effects. A Chebyshev waveshaper distorts the signal as it passes through an algorithmic space. The space effect itself is modulated by a variable sample and hold circuit, causing subtle to dramatic swells and pulses in the dry to wet ratio.

The entire chain is then sampled by a short looper that can be truncated and blended with the original signal, on-the-fly. With the MEMORY control, you can easily create variations, stutter effects, and new phrases of ambient washes.

In short: Innervelt is a multi-fx processor with which you can take simple sounds in a new experimental direction. I like the idea of it and thanks to Puremagnetik for these plugin releases.

Puremagnetik Innervelt is available as a free plugin in VST/AU plugin and is bundled with the new album Noontide from Micah Frank. This offer is valid until October 15th and a donation is welcome.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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