Limbic Bits Mountains, new patch library for Sequential Take 5 poly synth

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Limbic Bits Mountains, a library with 64 new patches for the Sequential Take 5 Synthesizer including timbres made for ambient, melodic techno, electronica and more.

Because we’ve already been to sounds and sound design. The Sequential Take 5 is the first Synthesizer under the new direction of Focusrite. It’s a portable 5-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer with analog oscillators/filters, effects, and built-in effects. It is also one of the most affordable poly analogs synths Sequential has released to date. So Dave Smith analogue tech on the budget.

After a slow start, the Take 5 is finding its way into more and more studios. You can also see that in the growing third-party patches. Today Limbic Bits, a YouTuber and sound designer released Mountains, a new library for Sequential latest synth release.

Limbic Bits Mountains


Mountains is a new library for the Sequential Take 5 polyphonic analog Synthesizer that are best suited to electronic music like Ambient, Dub and Melodic Techno or Electronica. It features 64 patches including 22 pads, 17 basses, 20 leads & arps, and 5 SFX and percussions.

The patches cover a wide range of sounds. From warm VHS-tape-like textures, aggressive industrial drones, versatile basses and leads, and more. According to the developer, “Mountains” makes heavy use of the synth’s internal modulation matrix.

Limbic Bits Mountains is available now for 22€ from the official website.

More information here: Limbic Bits 

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