Jexus releases Novation Peak & Summit Synthesizer patch library & sound demo

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Sound Designer Jexus has released 250 new sounds for the hybrid polyphonic synthesizers Novation Peak and Summit and showcases them in a video.

Factory presets often do not reflect the true sound and character of a Synthesizer. Often the unique moments only come through your own tweaks on the instrument. Jexus is the epitome of a sound designer. He regularly regularly releases very unique videos on YouTube in which he demos hardware synths. Without talking but through sound.

He manages to elicit timbres from every instrument that give a completely different sonic view of it. As if he were playing an instrument with a different engine. That’s what you call talent. Now he’s gotten his hands on the Novation Peak and Summit. Two innovative hybrid synthesizers from synth legend Chris Huggett.

Jexus Novation Peak Summit

The result: Jexus designed a new patch library with 250 new sounds for the Novation Peak and Summit. You can hear some of these in the latest video release. I am a Peak user myself and once again I find it amazing what Jexus conjures up from the device. Very impressive.

Additional Info

The patches will work and sound the same on Peak and Summit. By saying “chained” I mean just the MIDI connection. The Peak is receiving all notes and knob info from my Summit (via a Midi cable). The synths are playing the exact same patches, but they are producing the audio independently and you are hearing Peak in the left channel of your headphones and the Summit in the right channel.

The voice architecture / allocating is unaffected and unchanged – take a look at the “voice LEDs” on the Summit and Peak. When I hit a key and the patch is for example a 3-voice patch, you will see three LEDs blinking on the Peak and also three LEDs blinking on the Summit (and what naturally follows, if I use another finger to hit another key so that 2 keys are depressed, three new LEDs will light up, totalling in six).

So the patches are not exceeding the voice count of the synths – you don’t need to do any tricks to play them the same way I’m playing them;)”

The new Jexus sound library for the Novation Peak and Summit is available now for 26€. Get the full details

More information here: Sounds For Synths

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