Thomann revives the Waldorf Pulse 2 analog Synthesizer in a limited edition

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For its 70th company birthday, Thomann has revived the discontinued Waldorf Pulse 2 desktop analog Synthesizer in a limited blue edition. 

The Waldorf Pulse 2 was officially discontinued in April 2023. The small, characterful desktop 3-oscillator analog Synthesizer. It’s been almost a year, and there’s no successor in sight. But its death is not yet not final final.

Thomann has revived the Waldorf Pulse 2 Synthesizer in a limited edition with a striking blue finish for its 70th company birthday. If you’re looking for a Pulse 2 and can live with the unique color, this is your last chance to get a new one with full warranty.

Thomann Waldorf Pulse 2 limited edition

Thomann Waldorf Pulse 2 Limited Edition

The Pulse 2 lives again. But exclusively for Thomann and only in this light blue color. Inside, it’s the same analog Synthesizer with three analog oscillators and a noise generator. For more sophisticated sounds, it offers pulse width modulation, hard sync, XOR osc mode and filter & ring mod from oscillator 3. 

It also has two overdrive circuits that add crunch to your sounds. Pulse 2 is a paraphonic synth with various voicing modes. Then, it has a cascade filter with 24dB/12db lowpass and 12db highpass/bandpass filter modes. 

On the modulation, it has two multi-wave LFOs and two envelopes (filter, amp). More mod options are available from the 8-slot modulation matrix. Besides this, you also get a powerful arpeggiator but no sequencer.

Thomann Waldorf Pulse 2 limited edition

The matrix operation was taken over from the Blofeld wavetable Synthesizer. It offers eight stainless steel knobs and various buttons with which you can guide through the menu system. In the system, you can save up to 500 sound programs.

On the backside, you get a power supply input, a rock-solid USB port, MIDI in/out on 5-pin sockets, gate and CV outputs, an external analog signal input, stereo output (L/R), and a headphone socket. 


First Impression

A nice idea that Thomann had here to bring back this analog Synthesizer. The color is controversial, but it’s good to have it back. For everyone who has already done the Farwell on the Pulse 2, you have to do it again. 

Waldorf Pulse 2 is available now in a limited edition exclusively at Thomann for 399€. 

More information here: Waldorf Music

Available exclusively at Thomann

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    • no, it’s looks they have agreement with them not selling them outside Europe. Probably due to distribution agreements.

        • I can have it shipped to my fiancé’s family in Sweden, then shipped to you….but all the taxes involved and shipping fees and what I would charge for my time, I would want around $700 total for the trouble. It is not worth that so here is a better option for you.

          I am actually going to get in contact and try to get permission from the exclusivity holder to bypass the block, if possible, will make it so it can be shipped to the U.S. I will put a video on my YT channel if I am successful (For The Love Of Noise). I know who the exclusivity holder is, but do not want to publicly say to get on their bad side.

        • The Waldorf Pulse 2 has been available for years! Just buy one of the millions available in the used market.

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