ST Modular Workbench Is A USB Powered Eurorack Multi-Function Utility Desktop Unit

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ST Modular Workbench is a USB powered utility desktop unit that offers various functions for Eurorack Synthesizers without taking up space in the case

The developer of ST Modular has an exciting utility unit in my opinion. Especially nice because it gives you many functions for Eurorack synthesizers without buying modules or sacrificing space in your rack.

It features a multiple, LFO, attenuator/mixer, fader, and swap function in one compact unit.

ST Modular Workbench


ST Modular describes it as a true 0HP USB powered Eurorack module that combines various utilities:

  • multiple: 1 to 3 multiple with one inverted output. The multiple is normalized to the swap unit of the module.
  • LFO: a triangle and square wave and can be reset by an external gate or clock signal. Attenuation with the slider pot and the rate can be adjusted with the rate potentiometer. Inverted copy of the triangle is normalized to channel A1,  inverted square wave to the channel B1.
  • attenuator/mixer: four channels (A1, A2, B1, B2) for audio or CV + attenuation by the slider pots. The channels of each section are daisy-chained, thus they can be mixed or the second channel can act as an offset (CV).
  • fader: the fader mixes between two sources with a single slider. Both channel section A and B are mixed into a fader circuit if no cable is inserted into their outputs and the fader inputs. The fader output can be attenuated with the LVL knob.
  • swap: it exchanges the destination of one or two sources with the push of a button. This way you can route two signals to the corresponding destination of the other input. Anything patched into the Mult will also be multiplied to the Swap inputs if nothing is patched here.

Workbench is powered by standard USB power (+5V) and is fully compatible with your Eurorack system. You can choose to power it with a Mini B, Micro B, or Type C USB cable. You can solder all USB connect or just one of them if you have a favorite USB cable you want to use.

ST Modular Workbench will be available as a DIY project. Availability & Price TBA.

More information: ST M

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