Teia Synthesizers VastWave, single-core complex analog oscillator from Portugal

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Teia Synthesizers VastWave is a new single-core complex analog oscillator with advanced waveshaping options from Portugal.

Eurorack is an ever-growing field in the Synthesizer field. Young companies, in particular, take their first steps in hardware development here. Teia Synthesizers is a young company from Portugal, consisting of Ruben Costa, a developer from ADDAC, also a Portuguese modular company. Last year at almost the same time, I reported about OpCore a nice vactrol-based VCF/VCA combo. The newest is a complex analog oscillator.

As a reminder: complex oscillators offer deep modulation options with a strong west-coast influence. Mostly in form of waveshapers that add harmonic content to your signals. A highlight is here the circuit. VastWave only uses a single core instead of two.

Teia Synthesizers Vastwave

Teia Synthesizers VastWave

VastWave is a new voltage-controlled complex analog oscillator with advanced waveshaping options. The triangle core offers individual waveform outputs (triangle, sawtooth…) as well as two shaped outputs (final & final pls). There is also an option to output an inverted or double sawtooth waveform (selectable by jumper). According to the official release notes, the developers made sure that the modules stay in tune at any temperature thanks to modern components.

Back on the module. At the top left, you can set the frequency and fine-tune it. Controls we know from classic oscillators. Then it gets wilder and more interesting. It offers a complex odd/even waveshaper with voltage control options. You can dial in here the symmetry of the waveforms, the order from low to high as well as the timbre. Order changes the behavior of the waveshaper and produces different results depending on the setting. All three parameters can be modulated with CV and have individual attenuator/inverter. The timbre input has a sine wave normalization if no external source is patched.

VastWave also has CV inputs for FM amplitude modulation and pulse-width modulation (PWM). Both have attenuators/inverters as well. Two other neat functions are hidden in the middle. Here can activate the onboard linear glide as well as switch between VCO and LFO mode.

First Impression

At first glance an interesting new single-core analog complex oscillator. It seems like the single-core complex oscillators are about to storm the market. Something we’ve already seen in Patching Panda’s new oscillator for the Superbooth 21. I like the idea because they offer a much wider sound spectrum than classic oscillators. But don’t take up as much space as classic complex oscillators like the Endorphin.es FG or Verbos CO.

Teia Synthesizers VastWave is available now for 360€ on the official Reverb.com web store.

More information here: Teia Synthesizers

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