Tesseract Modular Selam, 6-channel function generator with attenuators

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Tesseract Modular Selam bundles 6 flexible function generators (LFO, envelope, slew limiter) with attenuators in a beginner-friendly module. 

Envelope, LFOs … are classic modulation signals in a modular Synthesizer. Often found in subtractive east-coast synthesizers. The new Selam module from Tessaract Modular follows the approach of the west-coast synthesis.

They use function generators from which various individual functions (LFOs, envelopes…) can be built. They also allow more complex signals to be achieved by combining them. The new Selam module offers all of this in a beginner-friendly package.

Tesseract Modular Selam

Tesseract Modular Selam

Selam hosts six function generators with attenuverters in a module. Each channel consists of rise/fall settings with low & fast modes and an attenuverter to set the output gain. Then, you have dedicated input and output sockets for each channel. The input signal determines how the function generator behaves. With no signal, it generates an LFO of +/- 4,8V via self-oscillation. In slow mode, it has a maximum length of 1’20”, and in fast mode 1″.

If you plug a gate/trigger signal in the input, the channel becomes an AR envelope generator with the following characteristics:

  • fast mode: 0,3 milliseconds (min attack/decay time) and 13″ (max attack/decay length)
  • slow mode: 13 milliseconds (min attack/decay time) and 3’00″(max attack/decay length)

With a stepped CV signal, the channel will act as a slew limiter. Since all channels are independent, you can create six different signals. Further, there are two extra outputs in the middle of the interface for mixed signals. These bundles the channels 1-3 and 4-6 making complex CV generators possible.

Selam is a multi-function generator of the simple kind. Envelope, LFO, and Slew Limiter. Three essential functions that you need in every modular. And the ability to combine channels also enables more complex signals. The module looks like a perfect match for beginners who try to familiarize themselves with the concept of function generators. And the price is also very tempting.

Tesseract Modular Selam is available now for 120€ + 21% VAT as an assembled module or as a DIY project.

More information here: Tesseract Modular 

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