Superbooth 21: Patching Panda BD-Z kick/bass drum & Operat complex oscillator, first look

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Superbooth 21: Patching Panda BD-Z is a new all-analog kick/bass drum module and Operat a single-core complex oscillator with tons of modulations

Luis from Patching Panda, another company from Barcelona, had also found his way to Berlin for Superbooth 21.

The young company, known for its percussive modules, already broke new ground on the SB 20 with its Moon Phase stereo filter. For the SB 21 he expanded it with a new rich complex oscillator with a single core. The second release is a new analog kick/bass drum module that expands its percussive module range.

Patching Panda BD-Z Operat

Patching Panda BD-Z

BD-Z is an all-analog bass drum/kick drum module with thru-zero frequency modulation built-in. With the latter you can achieve a wide range of percussive sounds. Next to this, you have amplitude modulation with a dedicated inout and gain control. This is great for toms but also even wide drum/percussive timbres. There is a CV-controllable shape parameter that can shape your sound drum sounds from clean to dirty.

Then, you have two built-in decay envelopes, one for the amp, and another for the pitch. The amp envelope decay has a classic output but also an inverted envelope decay output perfect to for sidechain effects. The pitch decay envelope is exponential and offers an CV input and a attenuator plus gain gain control. Also on board is a drum machine style accent input with gain control.  Lastly, you get a push button for triggering the sounds manually.

Patching Panda Operat

Operat is a new analog complex oscillator and unlike the previous ones, it only has a single core. Only one, but it is packed with tons of modulation options that makes it a mighty oscillator in a compact form. The core offers four different waveforms with symmetry control, built-in mixer and individual outputs.

Then you get PWM with three configurations, amp mod, ring mod, phase mod, hard/soft sync, as well thru-zero frequency modulation. Everything the modulation heart desires is included. Plus, you can choose either to use it as an audio oscillator or LFO.

Two very exciting modules. Especially the compact complex oscillator is one of my highlights of this Superbooth 21. It’s compact, straightforward designed, tons of features, and sounds rich.

The new Patching Panda BD-Z & Operat modules were premiered at Superbooth 21. Shipping starts in Q4 2021, prices TBA and will come in black and silver.

More information here: Patching Panda 

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