Arturia KeyLab MkII firmware 1.3 adds custom velocity curves

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Arturia has released KeyLab MkII firmware 1.3, a free update for its MIDI controllers introducing global and custom velocity curves and more.

The KeyLab MkII are Arturia’s flagship MIDI controller series with a high quality keybed, 16 drum pads, lots of controls including 10 knobs, 10 sliders, DAW integration, and more.

This week Arturia unveiled a new firmware 1.3 for the KeyLab MkII series that brings many velocity improvemnets to the table.

Arturia KeyLab MkII firmware 1.3

Arturia KeyLab MkII Firmware 1.3

The firmware 1.3 extends the velocity of the KeyLab Mk2 MIDI controller significantly. The biggest new feature is the ability to create custom velocity curves. You can now customize 5 configurable velocity points for a performance that truly reflects every key impact or delicate stroke, exactly as you intended. Thus, you can now preciely adjust the velocity to your playing characteristics.

It also introduces a new global velocity curve function. Alongside linear, logarithmic, and exponential, you can now select a Global velocity curve. It is customizable in the MIDI Control Center and storable in the user memory slots. Arturia also refined the velocity resolution of the KeyLab MkII series. This prevents unwanted jumps in velocity and smoother transitions at higher values.

Further, they fixed several bugs in the previous firmware. Thanks to the feedback, the developers have refined numerous aspects of KeyLab 88 MkII’s performance, including transposing, on-screen information, rebooting behavior, and much more. Looks like a solid update for the KeyLab MkII series. Especially one that will make the players happy.

The new Arturia KeyLab MkII firmware 1.3 is available now as a free download via the Arturia MIDI Control Center and official website.

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  1. Why, oh why did they not do this for aftertouch? I have a new KLMKII 61 and the aftertouch (which I bought it for) is almost unusable. Unless I take a very unreasonable amount of nuance, it basically goes from off to on no matter what curve I use. The default linear curve is the best I can get, and it blows. Otherwise, the keybed feels great. I’m just monumentally disappointed with the aftertouch.

  2. Be careful! It looks like there’s a serious error with this update. It bricked my Keylab 61 MKii despite being plugged directly into my Mac. I’ve never had an issue with firmware upgrades in the past from Arturia, but this one killed my controller. Arturia support says their tech team is working on a fix, but didn’t elaborate on how many are affected by this.

    It was a fantastic controller before the firmware fiasco. I hope they can fix it or I’ll be stuck with a $500 brick since I’m just out of warranty. I can’t afford to take another chance on Arturia if they can’t fix it though.

    • My software update is working. It is used in conjunction with a Windows PC. That went smoothless.
      I’m glad to see improved capabilities with the velocity curves, but like Reyescult that is not what I had issues with so far. The aftertouch is where I’d be happy to see more flexibility. My keyboard is installed in a sliding underdesk. When pressing to get the aftertouch going I sometimes fear the attachments screws won’t held it anymore.

    • Randolph, on the Arturia websie, go to Support, then Downloads&Manuals. Look up the Keylab firmware. Just above it you’ll find a button called ‘Show archives’. You’ll find the previous firmware versions there. Hopefully you can still install those via the Midi Control Center, and get unbricked.

  3. @New Ignis I contacted Arturia and they were fast to respond with that suggestion. Unfortunately the Keylab will not power up now and can’t connect to MCC. I sent them a video as well in case that helps.

    I’ve never had a problem updating firmware in any of my Arturia hardware products over the years – I have several Arturia controllers. This was totally random on Big Sur 11.6.1 and Arturia said they were working on a fix in their response so it is something they recognize as a problem.

    I’ve also contacted Sweetwater (who I bought it from). They are looking into it too. Hopefully there’s an easy fix, or a replacement circuit board on the way from Arturia since the Keylab is dead. My previous Keylab MKi had a keybed failure and Arturia sent a replacement with easy instructions to replace it.

    I love my Keylab, but if it’s gone and they won’t send parts or replace it I’m changing brands. It’s not my fault I followed their instructions and now it’s bricked. They’ve been great in the past so I’m optimistic they’ll sort it out.

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