Teia Synthesizers vcA Team, a dual VCA module with dynamic expression control

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Teia Synthesizers vcA Team is a new dual VCA module for Eurorack with per-channel velocity unlocking a dynamic expression level. 

Simple single or dual-channel VCAs belong to the standard arsenal of a beginner Eurorack Synthesizer. These make it easy to control the amplifier with voltage control.

The Portuguese Eurorack manufacturer also has a new dual VCA on the table one that has a clever addition that I would like to see in more VCA modules.

Teia Synthesizers vcA Team

Teia Synthesizers vcA Team

The vcA Team is a dual VCA module with dynamic expression control in mind. Where patching of classic VCA ends, the fun begins in the new module from Teia Synthesizers.

Besides its DC-coupled mono input/output per channel, the vcA Team offers independent velocity control for each of them. It gives you linear ad exponential responses selectable with a switch. This expands the creative use of amplitude variation only and opens up new interesting patch possibilities. So you get, for example, not only control over the contour but also over the loudness of your sound.

Further, the module has a built-in mixer available via the mixed output. And of course, per channel CV-control over the VCA with an attenuator-inverter.

A nice extension for a double VCA module. I would love to see more classic VCA modules with velocity controls.

Teia Synthesizers vcA Team is available now for 120€ + shipping.

More information here: Teia Synthesizers

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