Superbooth 21: Touellskouarn Blokañ, diode tube ring modulator module

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For Superbooth 21, the Brittany-based company Touellskouarn is showing Blokañ, a new true diode tube ring modulator module

The Brittany in France is a wonderful area to go on vacation. Eurorack modules also come from her. Gael from TouellSkouarn is a small developer from this area who is also exhibiting at Superbooth 21.

Touellskouarn’s modules are real noisemakers in a positive sense. From musical distortions, overdrives, filters full of character, creative feedback…Its modules give every sound power and warmth. Now for the Superbooth 21, he is expanding his series of rich-sounding modules with a brand-new.

Touellskouarn Blokañ

Touellskouarn Blokañ

Blokañ is a new ring modulator module for Eurorack that is based on real diode tubes. Touellskouarn does not emulate the ring modulation process here but uses it in the classic way with an analog circuit of diodes. These enriches the sound by adding screaming overdrives to the audio and carrier signals. Thus it’s not just a ring modulator but also a unique overdrive effect.

The module uses a carrier signal (sine wave) and a modulator signal, each with dedicated knobs. With the big gray knob you can adjust the amount of ring modulation that is applied to your signals i.e. intensity. As a cool add-on, the module also has an built-in oscillator with an output.

At first look, it looks like a very characterful ring modulator module. I’m very curious how Blokañ sound because I really enjoy the rich, fat characte of its previous modules a lot.

Touellskouarn will premiere Blokañ at Superbooth 21 for the first time. The module will be be available soon.

More information here: Touellskouarn

Touellskouarn modules are available at our partners


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