Error Instruments TOMO, New Experimental CV/Gate Touch Interface Controller & Sound Generator For Eurorack

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Error Instruments, a webshop for experimental electronic instruments, has today released TOMO, a new touch interface CV/gate controller for Eurorack synthesizers. With the CV out function, you can control the parameters of other modules. With a buffered multiple per example, you can multiply the signal and then play several parameters with the touch interface.

Interesting here is the unpredictability of the results. Pressing softer results are different than with more intense pressure. So it’s always a surprise what comes out. Further, you can use alligator clips to use it externally and mount on different things like your smartphone or notebook.

Error Instruments Tomo

Experimental touch control is not all TOMO can do. By plugging a patch cable into the output, the module becomes an experimental audio source that can create some crazy sounds.  Last but not least, it offers an audio input for audio or control voltage. So you can put in an LFO source per example and give it a little more life using the touch interface.

This is a very unique Eurorack interface module in my opinion with which you can do a lot of crazy things.

Error Instruments TOMO is available now for 59€ (incl 21% VAT) from the official web store.

More information here: Error Instruments 

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