Superbooth 22: Soundforce SFC-8 MIDI controller, uDCO & S-LD LinnDrum sample player

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Superbooth 22: Soundforce shows a new prototype of the SFC-8 MIDI controller and premieres two new modules: uDCO oscillator & S-LD drum sampler player.

Nicolas from Soundforce already showed the SFC-8 at the Superbooth 20 Home Edition. A Boutique MIDI controller specially designed for Roland Jupiter-8 emulations such as those by TAL, Arturia and others.

At the Superbooth 22, the developer is showing a new prototype of the controller as well as two new Eurorack modules. He already previewed one at Superbooth 21.

Superbooth 22 Soundforce

Soundforce SFC-8 Update

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the new SFC-8 MIDI controller for Jupiter-8 synthesizer emulations over the last two years. Very surprised that there is so much interest. Bad news: the SFC-8 isn’t finished yet but Nicolas will show a new prototype of it at Superbooth 22 this week.

As a reminder: the Soundforce SFC-8 is a lovely MIDI controller designed to primarily control Jupiter-8 style software plugins, such as the Arturia Jup-8 V and TAL-J-8. Alternatively, you can also use it as a regular MIDI controller with other synths. On the backside, you have a USB-MIDI port for MIDI transfer as well as for power. Yes, that’s handy, it’s USB powered so you don’t need an extra power supply.

There is also a 5-pin MIDI in/out for your keyboard or sequencer where the incoming messages are merged with the controller messages. An amazing Boutique MIDI controller. Unfortunately, there is still no release date or price.

Soundforce uDCO

Soundforce uDCO

Already at Superbooth 21, Nicolas previewed the uDCO, a new compact 10HP version of the popular Soundforce 106-style DCO module. The module has the exact same core oscillator and features set as the big version.

The only differences are the missing FM attenuator and a little change in the PWM control. It also uses small rotary pots instead of sliders. Looks like a super neat oscillator for compact systems.

Soundforce S-LD

Also new for Superbooth 22 is another extension in the drum sample module range. The S-LD is a 4HP 6-channel LinnDrum sample player. The module offers kick, snare, hi-hat, high tom/caba, Mid tom/Tambourine,  Low Tom, and cowbell. The module has a super simple design with dedicated trigger ins and audio outputs for each sound.

The S-LD bottom 3 jacks have an alternative sound bank, thanks to a slide switch at the back, and the user can choose to trigger either the tom sounds or the percussion sounds. Soundforce says that all 3 sounds change at once and you cannot select between tom or percussion on a per-channel basis

Two beautiful new modules from Soundforce. Above all, I am pleased to see that the development of the SFC-8 is progressing.

The Soundforce uDCO will cost +/- 259€ and will ship end of May 2022. The S-LD will also ship end of May 2022, price TBA. Soundforce will have a booth (Z245) at Superbooth 22 where you can have a little chat with the developer and a stroopwaffel.

More information here: Soundforce 

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