Superbooth 21: AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate, modular synth for learning synthesis

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For Superbooth 21, AE Modular is showing the Synth Explorer Ultimate, a new affordable, full-featured modular synth for learning synthesis.

Modular synthesis can be implemented in hardware or software. The cheapest way to get to know modular synthesis is with software products such as VCV Rack, Reaktor 6, Voltage Modular … In hardware, there is Eurorack, 5U … all not very affordable even with modules under 100€.  A relatively new format has made modular work much more accessible in recent years.

This comes from Robbie Langer (Germany) aka Tangible Waves. The modules and the AE Modular system are based on cardboard + electronic components and use mini cables that we know from the Bastl Kastle for example. Thanks to these, the developer can offer these modules very affordable. A whole system is available for well under 800€. For Superbooth 21, Robbie will introduce the Synth Explorer Ultimate, a full-featured modular system made for learning synthesis.

AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate

The Synth Explorer “Ultimate” is a fully featured modular synthesizer which has been designed primarily for educational purposes. It offers a lot of synthesis features in a very small and portable package and includes the modules that invite for DIY modification and experimentation with code and circuits.

AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate

The system features classic oscillators, a drum module, a granular processor, envelopes, LFOs, and more. It includes:

  • MASTER I/O (power, MIDI, CV/Gate, Audio in/out)
  • 2OSC/d (two oscillators with sawtooth and square waveforms)
  • DRUMKIT 010 (lofi drum samples)
  • 2LFO (two low frequency oscillators with various waveforms)
  • 2ENV (two attack/decay envelopes with looping function)
  • WASPFILTER (an iconic filter with a lot of character)
  • SVFILTER (a state variable filter which can go into self oscillation)
  • 2VCA (two voltage controlled amplifiers)
  • BRAEDBOARD (a blank canvas for circuit experiments)
  • 2S&H (dual sample and hold)
  • 2ATT/CV (dual attenuator and CV generator)
  • MM-DIV (multi mode clock divider)
  • SEQ8 (8 step CV and Gate sequencer with different run modes)
  • QUANTIZER (4 channel CV quantizer with many different scale modes)
  • METER (oscilloscope, frequency spectrum, tuner, voltmeter)
  • GRAINS (fully programmable module based on the Arduino)
  • MIXER 4-4 (two 4 channel mixers)
  • DELAY (analogue delay)
  • HPAMP (headphone amplifier with dual outputs and volume control)


Back at Superbooth 19, I interviewed Robbie Langer, the creator of the AE Modular (Tangible Waves).

The AE Modular Synthesizer system is certainly not for everyone. However, it is an exciting approach and a cheap way to learn modular synthesis in hardware. And I like it a lot that you get here more advanced functions for little money and not only the classics. So it’s for beginners and advanced sonic explorers.

AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate is available now for 770€. There are special discounts for schools and music educators. Tangible Waves will be at Superbooth at booth W450.

More information here: Tangible Waves

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