KnobCon 21: VCV Rack 2 in November & VCV Drums with 9 drum modules

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At KnobCon 21, VCV premieres VCV Drums a set of 9 analog-modeled drum modules, and previews the upcoming VCV Rack 2 with a release in November.

Where is VCV Rack 2? Will we see the second version of the stunning modular Synthesizer this year? All questions that you can read every day in the communities. The answer is yes, VCV Rack 2 is coming this year, more precisely in November.

A first glimpse of the new version is currently being given at KnobCon 21 at the VCV booth. The developers are also showing a new set of drum modules called VCV Drums.

VCV Drums 2

VCV Drums 2

VCV Drums 2 is a set of 9 new standalone drum modules for VCV Rack. Each of the 9 standalone drum modules simulates the sound of analog circuit using the VULT Technology. It includes

  • kick with 808-style and 909-style models
  • snare module is based on the TR-909 snare circuit
  • tom with three models including low, mid, and high, having different harmonics of the oscillators
  • rim and clap are again based on the TR-909 circuits
  • closed hi-hat 
  • open hi-hat 
  • crash 
  • ride 

You can either trigger the drum modules by clicking the trigger button or patch a trigger signal (sequencer…) into the trig input of every module. Thanks to the modular environment, you can CV control all the drum parameters making them super versatile. It also ships with an mixer module that offers global tune and accent inputs with dedicated attenuverters.

VCV Rack 2

It is no secret that VCV Rack 2 is in development. The question that many have asked themselves so far has been ” when will it come out”. At KnobCon 21, Andrew Belt, the mastermind behind VCV Rack, announced that the time had come in November. So just in time just before the Christmas holidays or should I say patching holidays.

The new version will be a massive step forward. It will no longer be completely free. There will be a free version but if you want to benefit from all new functions, you have to buy VCV Rack 2. But it’s worth it.

VCV Rack 2 comes with a new brand-new, polished user interface that makes patching more authentic and easier. Check the teaser, the modules look super crisp to me. There is also a dark mode that improves patching at night. Then, you get major browser improvements including the option to import, export, duplicate and randomize module selections with a few clicks. This comes along with a newly designed module browser.

VST Plugin

The big highlight of VCV Rack 2 and the feature that many have been waiting for a long time is the VST plugin version. This allows VCV Rack to be integrated directly into Ableton Live, Cubase, and other DAWs without unnecessary bridges like Blackhole. The VST version will only be available in the commercial Studio Edition of VCV Rack. Not to forget, they also have refined the engine again and brought it up to date.

I think we can look forward to VCV Rack 2. The new features are great improvements, especially the VST plugin will take the whole VCV patching experience to the next level

The VCV Drums modules are available now for $30 USD from the official store. VCV Rack 2 will arrive in November in two versions. The Community Edition will be free and open-source under the GPLv3. The Studio Edition will cost $99 (reg. $149) and will include the VST2 plugin support (+ plugin formats later). The latter also adds professional support.

More information here: VCV 

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