Superbooth 21: Elektron SYNTAKT, new trademark registration hints a new synth product

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According to the Swedish Trademark Register, Elektron is working on a new synth product called SynTakt, will it be a Digitaktized Monomachine? 

Many new products will be presented at Superbooth 21 next week. Whether on-site or online via stream, everything is welcome these days. Interesting: Elektron is not going to have a booth at SB 21 this year, but that doesn’t mean anything. They could announce new products via stream (edit: they not longer have the Elektron Studios in Berlin).

I know that the Elektron rumor mill is simmering. First appeared on Reddit, then users from the well-known Elektronauts forum have found clear indications of a new Elektron product. Whether for the Superbooth 21 is not known.

Elektron Syntakt

Elektron SYNTAKT

According to Reddit & an Elektronauts user (pentagraham), Elektron has made an entry in the Swedish trademark register (PRV) for a new product called SYNTAKT. This application was introduced on July 12th of this year.

Elektron Syntakt trademark

Source: screen capture by pablo101


The name reveals two key points: SYN and TAKT (beats, rhythmic) so it’s probably a Synthesizer in the Digitakt format. There is currently no precise information about the device. One can only speculate. It may be that Elektron fulfills the greatest wish of their community and revives the legendary Monomachine (2004-2016) in the smaller Digitakt format. The Digitaktization of the MM with new, upgraded synth engines and with more polyphony. A Monomachine-like drum Synthesizer would be very exciting.

The Digitakt is a sampler, the Digitone an FM synth, so a drum synth would certainly fit in here nicely. Or I’m completely wrong and it will be something completely different. A groovebox like the Digitakt but with digital and analog synthesis elements would also be very tempting. Digital waveforms, analog filters, analog distortion … It’s all just speculation, but one thing is sure: Elektron is working on something new.

We will know by next Wednesday at the latest whether Elektron will present the Syntakt and what this possible new instrument can do because then the Superbooth 21 starts. Stay tuned for all information.


More information will follow here: Elektron

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  1. isnt the digitone already kind of monomachine offspring?
    bit strange to switch the naming convention like that but i guess syntakt might be machinedrum-esque.
    love elektron but dumb name tbh.

  2. A VA synth engine mated with a Digitakt style box. I’d buy it if it had more to bring to the party than my new Analog 4 MKII.

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