Superbooth 21: U.D.O Audio teases something new in white

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U.D.O Audio is teasing their next synth product on Facebook wrapped up in a white dress, which will premiere at Superbooth 21 next week. 

The Super 6 binaural Synthesizer from the young British company U.D.O was one of the big highlights of the Superbooth 19.

Two years after their spectacular start in the Synthesizer world, they are returning to Berlin for the Superbooth 21 next week. And according to the latest teaser, also with a new product.

U.D.O Superbooth 21

U.D.O Audio Superbooth 21

What will be the next product from George Hearn (U.D.O Audio)? A good question to which we still have no answer, until Superbooth 21. But one thing is clear: U.D.O Audio already masters teasing. Here they have wrapped their upcoming product in white clothes and let it dance, but without revealing it. But you can see the classic buttons that you know from the Super 6.

But what will it be: a Super 4 with fewer voices for less money like the entry super synth? Maybe also a completely different product like a drum machine or groovebox with an analog and digital core? That would be awesome. Or is it the logical step and a desktop version of the Super 6? This is what the Facebook comments in the teaser believe to recognize. Especially with the edges. That would of course also be very welcome.

U.D.O Superbooth 21

All details about the new U.D.O product release will follow next at the start of Superbooth 21. Stay tuned.

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