Superbooth 21: Buchla previews Music Easel with new case & utility module

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Buchla previews a new version of its mighty “suitcase modular” Synthesizer Music Easel with a new case, utility mode… at Superbooth 21 next week.

A Synthesizer, there a Synthesizer … there are now hundreds of different ones. But only a few are legendary and made history. One of them is the Buchla Music Easel by Don Buchla. A west-coast Synthesizer that is still as modern as it was at the beginning during its introduction in 1972. It was marketed as a portable “suitcase modular”.

Now there is a welcome update. A new version of the Music Easel premiered at KnobCon 21 (2021) and will probably be shown at Superbooth 21 next week as well.

Superbooth 21 Buchla Music Easel

Buchla Music Easel

There is no detailed information yet, but Marc Doty aka AutomaticGaninsay, who works for Buchla, posted two photos on his Instagram account. The Music Easel is comprised of 2 units: a 218 Touch Keyboard Controller and a 208 Stored Program Sound Source. Everything stays the same as well as the unique card slot on the top that allows you to insert hardware preset cards. Later also in a new version called iProgram with wireless control.

Without knowing the big details, you can see two big changes. On the one hand, the Buchla Music Easel sits in a new 10-space case, which looks very lovely. Nice that there is space for modules next to the ME, an option not available in the latest cases. Buchla users, in particular, will be happy about the news, as they are planning to sell the case separately.

Superbooth 21 Buchla Music Easel

On the other, it also includes a new I/O module on the left side that adds more connectivity options, utilities (USB host, stereo main outputs, built-in program manager, MIDI in/out…), and more.

Music Easel Utilities

According to Buchla, they will announce all details in a month. Hope to see the new Buchla Music Easel at Superbooth 21 for a first look video, stay tuned.

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    • The newly-announced Buchla partnership with TipTop is basically that — reasonably priced Eurorack modules that inside are Buchla designs:
      Pick up a Tiptop Happy Ending Kit and throw some of these Buchla modules in there, maybe a MakeNoise Maths and some sort of DSP effects/reverb module and you’d get a nice ‘Taste of Buchla’ for under $1000 (or even much less).

      There’s also a Makenoise 0-coast (particularly in combination with a 0-CTRL) that gives you a taste of West Coast style patching and methodology, again for under $1000. Not quite an ‘Easel Lite’ but it’s perfect to get your feet wet without having to commit to a larger more expensive setup only to realize it’s not your thing.

      ** DISCLAIMER: I don’t work for or represent Tiptop nor MakeNoise

    • Thats what the easel is more or less. Look out for tip top making a 200 series clone with buchla that will be a lot less expensive.

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