Superbooth 21: 6m0d6, a TR-606-style drum voice from Tubbutec and LPZW

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Superbooth 21: 6m0d6 is a compact 5-channel drum/percussive voice by Tubbutec & LPZW that takes you behind the sound of the Roland TR-606. 

Tubbutec from Germany provided a highlight long before the Superbooth 21. Already in April, they released a very cute TR-606 inspired step sequencer for Eurorack. Very compact and handy with only 6HP.

A sequencer seldom comes alone. So for SB 21, Tubbutec teamed up with LPZW modules for the perfect 6equencer partner.

Tubbutec LPZW 6m0d6

Tubbutec & LPZW 6m0d6

It’s the first collaboration between Tubbutec and LPZW modules. With the new 6mod6, they are reviving the TR-606 sound in form of a complete drum voice for Eurorack. A perfect match for the 6sequencer. It uses the original 606 circuits, so it’s basically a clone, but they expand it with more parameters that massively upgrade the scope of the sound. So classic TR-606 sounds but also everything that goes beyond that.

6mod6 comes with all seven classic TR-606 sounds including bass drum, snare, low, and hightom, cymbal, open, and closed hi-hats. All of these instruments are completely tweakable, which was not possible with the original. You get tuning and decay on everything, tone and envelope settings, different noise sources to explore, and other parameters including metal spread, cymbal pulse, and more.

A sound design-related addition is a new third XOR ring mod source for the snare and cymbals with which you can quickly bend the 606 sound into new directions. A kind of modded-out version of the TR-606 as a module. On the connection side, you get 8 trigger inputs including the accent, five separate outputs for the channels, and a mix output. Then, it offers 8 CV inputs to voltage control parameters, a perfect way to animate your sequences.

Tubbutec LPZW Modules 6m0d6

The new 6m0d6 comes in both regular 3U and in a tiny 1U version.  I like the format very much. The controls are a bit tight, but so you have all the sounds in one module without having to wire individual modules. And the powerful 6sequencer released back in April now makes even more sense.

Tubbutec & LPZW Modules 6m0d6 is available now for pre-order for an early-bird price of 606€ (incl. VAT) (regl. 649€). It ships in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. You’ll find LPZW.modules in booth Z270 and Tubbutex in booth Z255 at Superbooth 21.

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