ALM Tyso Daiko, dual 12-bit digital wavetable drum voice with a unique signal path

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ALM Tyso Daiko is a dual 12-bit digital wavetable drum voice with a unique signal path that splits your voices into a tilt EQ and a wavefolder. 

Many developers presented new advanced drum/percussive modules at the Superbooth 21. The SB 20 HE was the year of the stereo filters, this year of the drum module. Even after the SB21, the big topic “drum voices” in Eurorack remain.

ALM Busy Circuits from England has just released the successor to their Dinky module.

ALM Tyso Daiko

ALM Tyso Daiko

Tyso Daiko is the spiritual successor of the Dinky module with an expanded feature set, and more. It features two voices, both share the same 12-bit digital wavetable drum synthesis engine, pitch, AR envelopes, and other parameters. So you are basically setting up the same wavetable and sound for both. Yes, but there are differences.

The first voice is output through a voltage-controlled analog tilt EQ with which you can shape the upper or lower frequencies. The second is output through a digital wavefolder which adds increasing timbre complexity reaching noise. To offer the same engine but two different output signal paths is a clever design. So you quickly have two very different sounds in one module.

Tyso Daiko has two trigger inputs for exciting the two voices and 2 audio outputs, one for each voice. So you can trigger and output them separately. Trigger input 2, is, however, normalled to the first input and so you can use a single trigger to run both voices if you wish. That’s also a handy functionality.

Then, both voices respond independently to an accent input and the first voice is able to be ‘choked’. A surface control is available that allows for fine control of additional transients from punch to click to a slow attack. The sonic range of ALM Tyso Daiko is wide as it comes with full voltage control including a 1V/oct pitch input.

If you are looking for a slightly different drum module, you might find the match here. Especially the single sound generator with two triggers, and two sonic-different outputs is an interesting take on a drum/percussive module. Plus the ability to work creatively with the accent/choke makes it very interesting.

Busy Circuits Tyso Daiko is available now for $349/£295.

More information here: Busy Circuits

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