Superbooth 21: three new Tiptop Audio modules: MODFX, FSU & Way Out 8

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Superbooth 21: in addition to the collaboration with Buchla, Tiptop Audio has also released three new modules: MODFX, FSU & Way Out 8

Take a deep breath, yes, the Buchla modules are very attractive and provide great GAS for many. But that’s not all. In addition to the collaboration with Buchla, TipTop Audio has also published new modules from their own lineup.

Two new multi-effects and a new utility module.

TipTop Audio Modfx FSU

TipTop Audio MODFX

Starting with the MODFX which is a new addition to its popular effects module lineup. MODFX offers modulation effects including chorus, flanger, and filter in three banks. They not only includes classic effects but also unique modulation algorithms. Including “esoteric chorus”, chord resonator, all-pass filter based phasers, or vocal formant options.

You get common parameters controls for the rate, depth, filter, in, mix, and fidelity. The latter is pretty interesting. Here you can degrade the sound quality and thus make the effects sound dirtier.

TipTop Audio FSU

FSU (fuck shit up) is another multi-effect processor that this time comes with timbral distortion and time bending algorithms. So everything that shapes/bends signals musically. This can go up to destruction. It comes with three characterful banks of 8 algorithms including distortions, glitch effects, oh yes, and sound-on-sound loopers. So basically old-school sampling. You get controls over parameters like drive, fidelity, rate, and gain.

Way Out 8

The third and last new release for the Superbooth 21 is a new simple passive output utility module. It groups all your outputs together and organises them for external mixing. So a clever management module.

Nice new modules from TipTop Audio. The new Buchla modules steal the show, of course, but I really like the distortion module FSU, that sounds very exciting, especially with the glitch processor.

The new TipTop Audio modules (MODFX, FSU, Way Out 8) will be available soon. MODFX and FSU will each cost 185€. Way Out 8 TBA.

More information here: TipTop Audio 

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  1. that tiptop/buchla system i saw in the sonicstate video on youtube sounded phantastic. i am really intrigued by it 😀

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