Tubbutec 6equencer, TR-606 Inspired Eurorack Step Sequencer In 1U & 3U

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Tubbutec has extracted the step sequencer of the Roland TR-606 drum machine and published it in a modular, extended form as a 6equencer module in 1U & 3U.

A drum computer usually consists of two elements: a sound engine and a sequencer. The TR-606 is one of the most popular analog drum machines out there. Especially the built-in sequencer is celebrated by many electronic musicians

The German developer company Tubbutec, known for its solid vintage synthesizer mods, has now released this famous sequencer in a new form. It is now available in modular form, and even twice.

tubbutec 6equencer

Tubbutec 6equencer

6equencer is a drum step sequencer that is inspired by the legendary Roland TR-606 drum machine. It takes the popular features and packs them into two compact modules. Either in a classic 3U with 6HP or as a 1U version. The feature set is the same in both modules, only the 1U version has significantly smaller control elements.

Both modules are very space-saving but they are not saving on features. They are feature-rich sequencers optimized for live performances and quick programming/editing of drum patterns.

6sequencer has 8 instrument channels with individual outputs and clocking options via analog clock or MIDI clock. Each pattern consists of 16 steps. You can program up to 16 different patterns, chain up to 32 patterns together, and create entire songs. A single pattern can occur multiple times in a song and you can record new ones while another is playing what is pretty handy. And the new song is also in sync.

In addition, there are neat features that significantly expand the concept of the TR-606 sequencer. You can choose different play directions for patterns and songs independently, add step probability, record/clear/mute steps while playing, and more.


Multiple 6equencers

The developers also added a little bonus on the backside of the PCB. 6equencer offers a “LINK” connector with which you can connect multiple 6equencer modules together. With this, you can achieve patterns with more than 16 steps or use multiple units in parallel to get more instrument channels. The maximum is 4 units with up to 48 steps per pattern or 32 instrument channels.

There is currently no video demo available. However, the modules look very interesting. I really like the 1U version because you get a lot of functionality without spending a lot of rack space.

Tubbutec 6equencer is available now for 249,90€ (EU) or 210€ outside the EU.

More information here: Tubbutec

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  1. But with a one more button you could switch between 1-16 and 17-32 ore even 33-48 and 49-64 without adding another unit. But already a nice package in this box.

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