Superbooth 21: Ritual Electronics expands its 1U modules portfolio

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At Superbooth 21, Ritual Electronics has announced new 1U modules for its 1U portfolio and an updated Crime expander for the Miasma module. 

In addition to percussive modules, there were also many new 1U modules on display at Superbooth 21. Very exciting ones come from the young French company Ritual Electronics, which already announced some for the Superboot 20 Home Edition.

Some of them are now ready and will be delivered soon. There were also new ones.

Superbooth 21 Ritual Electronics

Superbooth 21 Ritual Electronics 1U

The names are in French, which indicates the origin of the modules. Starting with Ruissellment which is an 8 stage shift register with input for linear feedback for generating pseudo-random outputs. It generates 8 gates and 2 CV outputs derived from the gate input and clock.

Répression, initially announced in 2020, is a feature dense comparator. With a threshold, it generates gates, triggers, and bipolar outputs depending on the input level. The same applies to Krach (2020) which is a noise generator with pink, white, hiss (high-pass white noise), and rumble (lowpass pink noise). Both modules from 2020 coming later this year, says Ritual Instruments.

Division is a clock divider with individual time-division outputs that can be chained for further divisions. Here the reset input always resets on high and ignores any held gates to prevent clock interruption. Lastly, we have Réseaux which is a passive attenuator/mixer 1U module. One input gives you 4 attenuated output versions or 4 inputs are fed to 1 mixed output but with the same level of attenuation. Always depending on the input.

Crime Update

Ritual Instruments also updated its Crime module which is an expansion for its amazing Miasma distortion module. It gives you alternative diodes with every knob turn and newly added high and lowpass filters.

The new 1U modules look very helpful and can greatly expand any case with 1U slots. I really like the new expander for the Miasma, an update that I’ve been waiting for a long time.

Ritual Electronics 1U will be available soon. Répression and Krach will be available later this year, for 95€ respectively 69€.

More information here: Ritual Electronics

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