Superbooth 21: Shakmat Modular Banshee Set oscillator & Mod Medusa euclidean LFO

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For Superbooth 21, Shakmat Modular is showing Banshee Set, a new analog thru-zero oscillator & Mod Medusa, a multi-algorithm euclidean quad LFO. 

Manufacturers from all over the world meet at the Superbooth. Due to the special situation we are in, SB will focus more on European manufacturers in 2021. One of them is Shakmat Modular, a Eurorack manufacturer from Brussels (Belgium). The company is mainly known for its brilliant clock modules that can take any rhythm-based setup to the next level. See Four Bricks Rook, Time Wizard, or the Knight’s Gallop.

For Superbooth 21, the developers continue their journey into the sound generation, that they started for the SB 20 Home Edition with the Dual Dagger. And a new motion module is also on the menu card, of course.

Shakmat Modular Banshee Set

Shakmat Modular Banshee Set

Banshee Set is Shakmat Modular’s first sound generator. It has 8HP and is a full analog triangle core VCO with a continuously variable waveshape. With the shape knob, you can morph from a sine into a sine, a triangle, a saw, and lastly in a square. Plus they are crossfaded with a sub-octave generator with -1/-2 octaves. The shaping knob can also be modulated with the shape CV input that gives you very unique waveforms.

Then, you get thru zero FM/PM capabilities selectable on the module. The sound source also offers fine and coarse settings. The inputs and outputs are located in the lower area. You get individual waveform outputs, additional shaping options (PWM, sync), a V/oct input, and more.

Banshee Set proves to be a great companion for your FM duties as a carrier or as a modulator thanks to its thru zero FM / PM input and soft sync capabilities. It also serves as a flexible modulation source as it can also easily go into LFO range. Looks like a powerful new oscillator in only 8HP.

Shakmat Modular Mod Medusa

Shakmat Modular Mod Medusa

Shakmat Modular are specialists when it comes to advanced rhythms, and movements. In the second module announcement, these elements come back. Mod Medusa is an algorithmic modulation source (euclidean LFO) that generates variable period LFO signals synced to rhythmic patterns. The core uses unique algorithms such as the euclidean one or several others coming from the White and Knight’s Gallop.

Mod Medusa offers 4 outputs generating 4 correlated LFOs, each capable of producing a very own polyrhythm according to the chosen mode. The module gives you additional waveform shaping thanks to the symmetry and shape settings which continuously morph the signal into different shapes. Here Shakmat Modular shows once again its talent for very special rhythm machines. Definitely, a quad LFO of the special class.

Both new Shakmat Modular modules (Banshee Set & Mod Medusa) will premiere at Superbooth 21 this week. Availability & prices are TBA. Shakmat Modular will exhibit at SB at booth W380.

More information here: Shakmat Modular

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