Ableton Live 11.1 now with support for Apple Silicon M1 chips

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Ableton has today released Live 11.1 beta that brings native support for Apple Silicon M1 computers, new creative devices, bug fixes & more. 

Apple’s system on a chip M1 is the big deal right now. To make this native, many developers are currently working on updates for their plugins, DAWs, and so on. For Mac users, it is a giant leap that gives you more power with less power consumption. We’ll see this move big on Windows in the near future too, I’m sure.

Ableton announced today that Live 11.1 is now running native on Apple Silicon M1 computers. A message that many musicians have been waiting for. So you can take full advantage of the M1 chip. Currently only in beta but very good news.

Ableton Live 11.1

Ableton Live 11.1

The M1 support is very welcomed but that’s not all. Live 11.1 also comes with a number of workflow improvements and new devices. It includes a new shifter that brings a new mode for monophonic pitch-shifting in real-time. It also has a delay, an LFO, envelopes, and glide.

The Max For Live device has also been expanded by two new devices. Align Delay compensates for the latency introduced by sending signals through a system. MIDI Shaper generates modulation data for making your MIDI performances more expressive.

Then, the clip view also gets a number of new updates. Clip properties are now displayed in tabs instead of individual panels. You can now use keyboard shortcuts to access it and the comping feature, introduced in Live 11 also got an update. The latter has new keyboard shortcuts for duplicating lanes and new color options.

Further, Live 11.1 comes with many small workflow improvements, device updates, and bug fixes. A great update especially for M1 users.

Ableton Live 11.1 is available now through Ableton’s beta program. You can become a beta tester on the developer’s website, which will give you access to the download.

Live 11 is out now and starts at 79€ for the Intro version. It runs on macOS 10.13 + with M1 support and Windows 10 +.

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