Modular Day BCN #8, the synth show in Barcelona with makers, performances & workshops

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Befaco invites you to the Modular Day BCN #8 synth show in Barcelona with product presentations, performances, DIY workshops… on-site or virtually. 

Synthesizer events are something special. You can try out new instruments, communicate face to face with the developers and have a good time with the community. These are also the key points that make a Superbooth such an amazing event. Thanks Herr Schneider. But there are also other smaller, even cozier events all over the world.

One will take place again in Barcelona at the beginning of October.

Modular Day BCN #8

Modular Day #8 BCN

The Modular Day BCN is a two-day event organized by Befaco, among others, which is dedicated to the topic of modular synthesis. There will be products demos, performances as well as DIY workshops. Befaco, Endorphines, Patching Panda, Plankton, Winter Modular… The Barcelona-based developers will all be there with a booth. Many others from Europe will also attend the event including Erica Synths, Error Instruments, Soundforce… to name only a few.

Sonically as well as visually, the event will have a lot to offer on the performance side. For example, JackNoise is accompanied by BR Laser from Vienna, who will bring the visual element to the event with its mighty laser. Also, Marta Verde Baqueiro and Me-Lenna will have visuals ready for their live sets.

There will also be workshops where you can solder modules from different brands. You can order kits from the website and build them along with the makers. There’s also a chance to win a MIX BX module from Feedback Modules. I talked to Manu from Befaco about the event at Superbooth 21.

Modular Day #8 will happen from October 1st until October 2nd, 2021. Due to the current regulations in Barcelona, the event is limited in the tickets. For those who can’t attend the event in Barcelona, there will be live streams with product presentations, discussions, performances… during the two days. It will be for sure great fun.

More information here: Modular Days Barcelona 


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