Superbooth 21: Soulsby ATX Atmultitron & Atmegatron 2, hybrid 8-bit synthesizers first look

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At Superbooth 21, Paul of Soulsby Synths showcased major updates for its upcoming hybrid 8-bit Synthesizers ATX Atmultitron & Atmegatron 2.

There are fully analog but also digital synthesizers. With the second one, very exciting concepts are possible with far deeper synthesis options. It gets even more exciting when you pair analog with digital synthesis.

Paul from Soulsby Synth was also at Superbooth 21 with his 8-bit synthesizers. He is currently working on two bigger synthesizers from the new ATX range, the Atmultitron and Atmegatron 2. But also on new modules.

Soulsby Synths Atmultitron

Soulsby ATX Atmultitron

The ATX Atmultitron is a long-term project by Paul Soulsby. In 2018 he already showed the first prototype of it. The Atmultitron is a performance 8-bit workstation that offers a hybrid engine. It has 8 voices that are bundled in an interesting voice structure. Each voice is a single Synthesizer that can be flashed with different firmware and thus generate its own sounds. A voice can be a lo-fi sampler (drum samples…), 8-bit synth using wavetable synthesis, and other things. Of course, every sound generator is very characterful and crunchy.

Then, you get 8 analog filters into which you can route in the sounds. Perfect to add warmth and more character to your sounds. It also comes with a wide range of effects, modulators, mappable joystick, and more. On the interface, you also get individual outputs for the voices. A pretty cool functionality is the ability to import MIDI files in the unit. Check the last seconds on my video where you can hear the “West End Girls” outro with 8-bit sounds. The ATX Atmultitron is definitely a very special hybrid synth.

Soulsby ATX Atmegatron 2

Soulsby ATX Atmegatron 2

The ATX Atmegatron 2 is the successor of the original Atmegatron from Paul Soulsby. This is based on the same voice architecture as the ATX Atmultitron but with just 2 complete synth voices. But depending on which algorithm is loaded, it can also become an 8-voice Synthesizer.

The little brother also has analog filters and the same patch matrix as the poly version. You get per voice, individual 1V/oct, gate, and CV inputs well as audio inputs and outputs.

First Look

I met Paul at Superbooth 21 for a first look video.

Soulsby ATX Atmegatron 2 will be available in Q4 2021 /Q1 2022 and will be around £500. The Atmultitron will arrive in 2022 for an estimated price of £2000/2100€-2200€.

More information here: Soulsby

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