Toneboosters Flowtones, new virtual analog synth for macOS/Win & iOS

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Toneboosters goes virtual instruments with Flowtones, a new feature-rich 4-oscillator virtual analog Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and iOS. 

It’s no secret that the plugin market is full of synthesizers. Most of them are virtually analog and are available either for free or as an official product. Due to this situation, every new release has a hard time standing out from the crowd. To make this possible, it has to offer more features, sound better, and be fair in terms of price.

The Dutch developers of Toneboosters, known for high-quality effect plugins, accept the challenge and shows Flowtones, a new advanced VA synth plugin.

Toneboosters Flowtones

Toneboosters Flowtones

Flowtones is a new Synthesizer plugin with two layers with each two oscillators. The core is based on classic virtual analog synthesis, i.e. analog emulation. Each layer has two VCOs making it a 4 VCO architecture. Each oscillator contains up to 36 analog VCO waveforms that all support puls-width modulation. Then, you a full-stereo unison, and noise & sub-harmonic oscillators for each VCO to making your oscillator richer and wider. A unique VCO ring and self-modulation matrix and oscillator mixer give you more shaping options.

Toneboosters Flowtones

Each part/layer also has a filter. Toneboosters uses here a non-linear VCF with over 30 filter types including multi-resonance filters. That sounds very versatile. Plus, you get a loopable ADSR envelope per part.

Modulation & Sequencer

A good virtual analog synthesizer also needs a solid modulation engine. That has flowtones. It features four LFOs with 30 different waveforms with the ability to modulate other LFOs or even themselves. That’s a pretty cool functionality and 30 different waves give you long modulation fun.

Further, you get three loopable additional envelope generators. The mod workflow is very intuitive thanks to quick access through context popup menus. And according to the developers, you can modulate almost all parameters making the mod section impressive. There is also no lack of effects, and these are the specialty of Toneboosters. It comes with studio-quality reverb, delay, chorus, a unique format filter, and analog/digital-style distortions. Nice, you can modulate various effect parameters with the modulators.

At the end of the signal chain, you get a master output EQ and a peak limiter. A nonlinear power supply simulation for VCA-based compression interaction between notes is also onboard. Flowtones also features a powerful step sequencer with an intuitive interface and an intelligent randomizer for instant new sounds. For direct fun, it ships with hundreds of presets that can be exchanged across platforms.

Yes, it is another virtual analog Synthesizer, however, Flowstones has a very large feature set that sets it apart from other VA synths, especially on iOS.

Toneboosters Flowtones is available now for 59€ for macOS and Windows as a VST, VST3, AAX, and AU plugin. A demo version is available on the website. The synth is also available for iOS with AUv3 support for 12,99€ on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Toneboosters 

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