Oskitone Scout, a cute open-source DIY mono square wave Synthesizer

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Oskitone Scout is a colorful DIY Synthesizer for on the go with a fully customizable, open-source hardware and square-wave-based engine. 

A classic, simple Synthesizer should have at least one oscillator, filter, envelope, LFO, and VCA. They should have, but usually have significantly more. The Dreadbox Typhon, for example, has two oscillators, a lot of modulation, and a huge selection of effects at a low price.

San Francisco-based DIY synth maker Oskitone takes a completely different approach. It offers a synth that can hardly do anything but can be digitally upgraded as desired.

Oskitone Scout

Oskitone Scout

Scout is an Arduino-compatible, monophonic, square wave synth. The synth runs on a custom, open-source PCB in a cute pink or yellow case. It has 17 mini keys, satisfying “clicky” tactile switches, and a built-in amplifier. You can output the signal via the speaker or output jack. Scout ships with three 3 NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries for powering the unit.

The pre-loaded engine is certainly nothing groundbreaking or novel. What is exciting, however, is that you can change the engine by re-programming it. Or as Oskitone says: it’s open-source and ready to be hacked. Let’s see what DIY communities conjure up from it.

The developer offers the synth in two versions. Pre-assembled for the comfortable among you or as a DIY project which is reminiscent of an IKEA Synthesizer.

Oskitone Scout is available now as a full kit for $42 USD or fully assembled at $125 USD. Or do everything yourself and get the source code and 3D print de case.

More information here: Oskitone

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