Emily Hopkins demos effects pedals in a refreshingly different way

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Harp sounds and guitar effects pedals fit that, yes definitely, YouTuber Emily Hopkins lets the little sound wonders shine in a new light.

Synth Radar is a section on the Synth Anatomy website where I try to highlight music, YouTube channels, and other content related to synthesizers and electronic music. The artist I want to recommend today doesn’t do anything with synthesizers but fits well into this category.

Emily Hopkins is an aspiring YouTuber who has been posting a lot of videos over the past few weeks and months. The YouTube algorithm also introduced them to me. She tests guitar effects pedals differently than anyone else. She uses a big harp and routes it through guitar effects. Anyone interested in effects knows that most pedals are tested with guitars. The synthesizers come much later. Combining this with a harp sounds very special and almost magical.

I find the effects appear in these videos in a completely different glow. Since the sound of a harp is rather gentle, they also react differently to it. I can only recommend this YouTube channel to anyone who want to hear a completely different side of sound design with pedals.

Emily, please keep up your wonderful videos. They are inspiring. Besides the effects pedals videos, Emily Hopkins also created amazing music records. You can check her music on Bandcamp

More information here: EH

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  1. someone please get youtube to fix this situation. emily’s distortion pedal on hard video was taken down wrongly and youtube is not putting it back up.

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