ES disting mk4 firmware 4.20 adds ratcheting to the clock algorithm & more

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Expert Sleepers updates its function monster module disting mk4 to firmware 4.20 with new ratcheting for the clock algorithm & more. 

Multi-functional modules are true all-rounders for Eurorack. From oscillators, filters, effects, LFOs, clock generators, and more. One of the most popular modules in the field is the Expert Sleepers disting mk4. This is so popular because Os, the developer constantly offers updates with new functions. Disting mk4 on the release day and today are two different modules but in a positive sense.

The operation is rather bad than good, but it contains tons of functionality. Tip: if you want more control and power check out the Super Disting. It has a screen and more options. There is very good news for everyone who sticks to the small disting. Os has released firmware 4.20 with numerous new features and improvements, including ratcheting for the clock.

disting mk4 firmware 4.20


  • a gate offset parameter to the Multisample Audio Playback and Multisample 2 Audio Playback algorithms.
  • voltage-controllable ‘ratchet’ to the Clock algorithm.
  • the Dual Euclidean Patterns algorithm can now optionally use MIDI clock.
  • the Shift Register Random Dual Triggers algorithm now uses Z press to modify the sequence.
  • parameters to the Dual Waveshaper algorithmm to allow a choice of shaping type for each channel.
  • SR and D type flip-flops to the Logic algorithm.
  • adjustable high-pass filters to the three Reverb algorithms.
  • a ‘dual pitch’ mode to the MIDI/CV algorithm.
  • a new mode to the Programmable Quantizer algorithm where in the input pitches (assumed 12TET) look up the notes in the scale according to the keyboard map (typically useful when playing a scale with more than 12 degrees per octave from a regular keyboard).
  • The Stereo Tape Delay algorithm now offers the option of using Z for feedback, instead of tape speed.
  • The Slew Rate Limiter algorithm now offers a choice of slew type per channel, and the option of having the X & Y inputs be independent, not summed.


  • Significantly reduced the triggering latency of all Multisample & Dual Audio Playback algorithms.


  • an issue in the Quantizer algorithm, when using the ‘minor scale’, ‘major triad’ and ‘minor triad’ scales, where incoming notes already in the scale may have been shifted to a neighboring note
  • the same issue in the Quantizer 2 algorithm, when using the two Minor scales.
  • the Audio Recorder algorithms no longer start recording immediately if Z is high when entering the algorithm.

The new Expert Sleepers disting mk4 firmware 4.20 is available now as a free download.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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