Nektar Impact GX Mini, portable USB-MIDI keyboard with 25 mini-keys

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Nektar Impact GX Mini is a new portable USB-MIDI keyboard with 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys and tons of DAW controls for on the go. 

Small USB-MIDI keyboards come in handy. You can put it in your backpack and take it with you anywhere. They make mobile music-composing possible. And there are a lot of small, affordable keyboards on the market. But a company doesn’t believe that yet.

Nektar has today launched the Impact GX Mini, a new portable USB-MIDI keyboard for little money.

Nektar Impact GX Mini

Nektar Impact GX Mini

The new Impact GX Mini features a newly developed velocity-sensitive keybed with 25 mini-keys including three velocity curves. There is no aftertouch support. Nektar does without classic pitch and mod wheels and uses instead a joystick for modulation control. It outputs pitch bend (left/right), modulation (up/down), and other real-time MIDI messages.

I put the reward on USB-MIDI because the keyboard has no classic MIDI jacks. It only transmits the MIDI data over USB via a micro USB cable. It’s a shame that a keyboard of 2021 does not have a USB-C, which is much more solid and future-proof. Also with the focus on the connections of modern PCs, Macs, and iPads with USB-Cs where you need an adapter again.

Nektar Impact GX Mini

Part 2

A highlight of the keyboard is a large number of DAW controls. Eight dedicated buttons put essential DAW functions right at your fingertips. Give your mouse a break and control transport, track navigation, and other features with Nektar DAW Integration for the most popular DAWs. The buttons are also MIDI assignable for use with any software that’s not supported.

Further, it offers Nektar’s unique Part 2 feature that adds momentary transpose, MIDI note layering, and more. Nektar says:

While playing, simply press one of the dedicated “Part 2” buttons and momentarily shift the octave up or down, transpose, layer another octave on top – or switch to another MIDI channel altogether. The instant you let go of the buttons, Impact GX Mini reverts back to its original settings. What’s more, any note that was played prior to pressing “Part 2” will keep playing at the original settings – so you could play and hold some really low bass notes, while playing a solo over the top. A great performance feature!

On top, Nektar ships its controller with a license of Bitwig 8-track, a stripped-down version of Bitwig Studio with the option to upgrade for a better price.

At first glance a nice, affordable MIDI keyboard for on the go. Lots of control and smart functions. Only the micro USB connection gives me a stomach ache

Nektar Impact GX Mini will be available in mid-August for 69,99€.

More information here: Nektar 

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