Patch Base releases editor & librarian for the Novation Bass Station II and AFX mode

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The latest addition to the Patch Base iOS/macOS app is an editor & librarian for the Novation Bass Station II analog synth and AFX mode. 

Often editors/librarians for hardware synthesizers are gold. Large patch libraries can be managed more conveniently and faster with them. You also get a proper overview of all the features. Helpful for very complex and deep menu structured synthesizers. Patch Base for macOS and iOS is one of the best-known editor software. A free app in which you can buy via in-app purchases editors for various vintage and modern synths. And it just got another one.

The latest version includes an editor for the Novation Bass Station II, an almost modern-classic analog synth.

Novation Bass Station II Editor Patchbase

Novation Bass Station II Editor Patch Base

The new editor gives you full access to all parameters of the synth including the newer from recent firmware updates such as sub-oscillator tuning, fixed duration envelopes, and envelope re-triggering. At the same time, it makes the hidden parameters visible including the sub-OSC settings, a full-featured oscillator with multiple waveshapes, and more.

It also visualizes the latest experimental AFX mode with its overlays and gives you full editing capabilities. You can see all of the settings for your overlays, and edit them in real-time. Something not possible with the Novation Components software. Also here, you can save individual overlay keys as BS II patches, and load voice patches as individual layers. This simplifies the workflow of the AFX mode in many ways.

Back up your 128 voice patches and 8 banks of overlays to files on your iPad or Mac using Patch Base’s bank editors. You can also rearrange your banks using drag and drop, just like all editors available in Patch Base.

That’s Not All

Patch Base is also a full librarian for the Bass Station II. It gives you patch/bank storing (Sysex) functionality on your iPad/macOS, patch organization, iCloud integration, and the ability to import Sysex files. Plus, you get an inspiring random generator that generates new patches with a single click. At first glance, a nice editor for the Bass Station 2, especially the possibility to edit the AFX mode is very handy.

The Patch Base app is available now for macOS and iPad. The new Bass Station II editor is available for $29.99 USD as an in-app purchase.

More information here: Patch Base 

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