Expert Sleepers Disting EX, New Granulator Is Coming Soon

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Expert Sleepers Disting EX is a powerful multi-functional module of the extra class, in firmware 1.7 it will get a granular processor (granulator).

The new Mutable Instruments Beads and Expert Sleepers Disting EX (Super Disting EX Plus) have something in common. They are sold out until further notice and when they are available you have to be quick, first come first serve.

But that is no reason for the developer to pause further development. He has been working constantly on new algorithms since the official release. The disting EX is in the meantime a complete wavetable Synthesizer voice, has new effects, and much more. He is currently working on an algorithm that will make the module even more interesting and thus attract more musicians.
Expert Sleepers disting EX Granulator

Expert Sleepers Disting EX Granulator

Andrew Ostler’s new algorithm for the disting EX module is called Granulator and will be a granular processor. In the first video you can see that module has three drone mode slots. It’s not yet known whether that means that you have up to three channels of granular processing, but it would be very exciting.

The first demo sounds very lush, spherical, and very promising.

According to Andrew the developer, the granular mode will be available in the upcoming firmware 1.7 and will be exclusive to the Disting EX. Even if it’s sold out everywhere, a super exciting update what’s coming for Super Disting.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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