Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.18 adds MI Rings, rewritten granulator, and more

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Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.18 firmware update adds Mutable Instruments Rings, rewritten granular engine with more grains, and more.

Multi-function modules are true Swiss Army knives for Eurorack systems. They offer a wide range of functions in a single module. The deepest and most popular is the super disting EX by Expert Sleepers. Here you will find over 150 algorithms ranging from classic oscillators, full synths, effects like granulators, LFOs, and more.

Before Christmas 2022, Os, the developer, published a massive update with firmware 1.17. It squeezed four Mutable Instruments Braids into the module. Today, you can update your module once again. There is another firmware update with code from Emilie Gillet.

Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.18

Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.18

Firmware 1.18 is the next exciting free update for the disting EX module. Another release that significantly expands the feature set. After the “quadruple” Braids macro oscillator superpower joins, the beloved Mutable Instruments Rings algorithms the disting EX algorithm list with the same functionalities.

Andrew Ostler (Os) also has rewritten the entire granulator algorithm in the new firmware. It now offers twice the previous count and hosts a built-in reverb. It also has a new “record fade” parameter and a new spawm mode and grain size options.

Then, Expert Sleepers updated the macro oscillators (MI Braids code) with various new functions:

  • an output mix matrix
  • ability to share oscillator parameters between instances in the Macro Oscillator algorithm.
  • now supports round-robin polyphonic voice allocation of its four voices over MIDI and I2C.

Further, you can work with minimum and maximum velocity parameters in the Auto-Sampler feature of the WAV recorder algorithm. The tracker algo now also has a direct specification of the harmonized notes via MIDI. Also new are:

  • added the option of ‘soft takeover’ on MIDI CCs.
  • All single mode algorithm parameters can now have MIDI or I2C mappings applied, not just the first 64 as previously.
  • I2C command to control the output of an attached ES-5 expander.

Lastly, he fixed bugs in the new Macro oscillator and dual quantizer algorithms.

Another incredible update for the disting EX module. Thanks Os.

Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.18 is available now as a free download. The module is out now for 398€

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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