Reason 12 goes high resolution, and you can try out Reason+ 3 months for $3

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Reason Studios has today announced Reason 12 with high-resolution graphics, new sampler, revised Combinator, and all this is coming in September 

I have to admit I was never a big fan of Reason’s workflow. However, with the introduction of the Rack Plugin where you can also use the good old Reason instruments in Ableton Live, Logic Pro … this has changed. For me, Reason 11 has become a powerful modular Synthesizer plugin with endless possibilities.

However, Reason 11 had one big problem, the resolution. Also written in the review. Very unfavorable for users with 4K screens. But now the solution is coming faster than expected. Reason Studios today officially announced Reason 12 with high-resolution graphics. R+ subscribers can benefit from this update instantly, others will have to wait until September.

Reason 12 high resolution

Reason 12 High Resolution

The big highlight of the new Reason 12 version will be high-resolution graphics, a feature that many have requested.

Reason Studios have to say about this update:

“Reason is now presented in beautiful high resolution. In practice, this means that Reason will look good on any screen and resolution, no matter how large.

There’s more to it than that though. We’ve rebuilt how Reason handles graphics from the ground up to utilize your graphics card. This allows us to do even more interesting, interactive, and great-looking things in the future. But right now, for you, the Reason user, it means that both our own devices and third party Rack Extensions will look drop dead gorgeous. In fact, every single device is available right now. Many other UI elements are of course hi-res too, and we’ll keep updating anything that isn’t as we go along.

While Reason will adapt to your screen and OS resolution, we recognize that everyone has their own personal preferences. For example, I tend to have a very high OS scaling so macOS is quite tiny, but when working in Reason I want to be up close and personal. Even more so when using the Rack in Ableton Live. To accommodate that, there’s now a global Application Zoom setting in the Options menu in standalone and the top bar of Reason Rack Plugin. That way you can easily get Reason to sit just right in your setup.

Also, the developer improved the search engine in Reason 12. Say goodbye to typing your search term, and hitting enter. It now comes with a search index from all your locations and immediately shows search results as you type. That’s a big improvement as well.

Reason Studios will also include a new easy-to-use sampler device and a revised version of the Combinator. It will be fully customizable, more powerful, and easier to use. I’m curious about it because the Combinator is one of the most powerful tools in Reason.

Reason+ 3 months for $3

So that everyone can benefit directly from this update, Reason Studios is offering a bridging deal to everyone for a short time. Until July 14th midnight CEST, you can subscribe to Reason+ for three months for just $3. Just use the code 333. So you get access to the new high-resolution graphics as well as you can try all the official Rack Extensions.

Not a bad deal. The goal of Reason Studios here is clear. They want to convince more people of their Reason + subscription. If you can’t wait until the official release, you can check out the first bites of the update and buy it later. I’m looking forward to the update, finally, I can use the tools in nice, large graphics

Reason Studios will release Reason 12 on September 1st, 2021. Reason+ users will get the update for free and new/existing customers can buy perpetual licenses/upgrades as well. The 3 months Reason+ for $3 with the code 333 runs until July 14th midnight CEST

More information here: Reason Studios

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    • If you see the new features for R12, you can see that Reason Studios has moved Reason from a DAW to a modular sound design plugin. There are not many new DAW features in R12

      • pretty much – for me reason as a plugin was the best thing they could do and runs so well on my old macbook air from 2014 [if i dont abuse tracks of course] – but on its own reason [for me] was always crippled by its meh sequencer and interface. not the rack interface but the daw part of it. using it on live has brought new life to it and its like a whole new tool now.

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