Dreadbox Nymph, new 6-voice analog poly Synthesizer in September

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Dreadbox is working on “Nymph” a new 6-voice analog poly Synthesizer that is planned for September says the Synth Anatomy community. 

And you know what? The Dreadbox Abyss (Mk2) synth news was just a little appetizer. The Synth Anatomy Community has found another new polyphonic Synthesizer from Dreadbox that is in the making. They already teased it yesterday by asking the followers on IG about the color.

According to the latest information, Nymph (name to be confirmed) will be a portable 6-voice analog polyphonic Synthesizer.

Dreadbox Nymph

Dreadbox Nymph

My YouTube colleague ProckGnosis has once again visited Dreadbox in Greece, more precisely the brand new offices. The synthesizers are developed, manufactured, and shipped, all in one building. I am very happy to see how the company of Dimitra and Yannis has evolved. In this same video, you learn about another new Synthesizer in addition to the Abyss (Mk2). Yannis describes it as a poly-something.

In the last few hours, we learned from a Dreadox Instagram story post that it will be a new 6-voice poly Synthesizer with the label NY probably for Nymph. In ancient Greek folklore, it is a minor female nature deity. No official feature set yet but the form factor reminds me a lot of the Typhon that Dreadbox developed together with the effects masters of Sinevibes. Since the Typhon is a huge success, a polyphonic version would be the next logical step.

Dreadbox Nymph office

The mini sound demo that Yannis gives us from his office is very promising. Above all, the used effects give us hints to DSP power by Sinevibes.

In a private Instagram message (Elektronauts), Dreadbox says the synth will be out in late September.

I am very curious about what Dreadbox will introduce to us in September. But I am almost certain that we will see the Typhon with 6 voices.

More information will follow here: Dreadbox 

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