Sonicstate Sonic 001, Album Release With Tracks From 18 Sonic Talk Collaborators

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Nick and Andy founded the music tech website Sonicstate in 1995. At a time when the internet was in its infancy and Facebook / YouTube did not yet exist. They describe their website as a musician resource, run by musicians for musicians.

Behind the success of Sonicstate are other collaborators such as Gaz Williams, Ty Unwin, and others, most of whom are part of the weekly music tech show Sonic Talk. Without them, Sonic Talk would not be what it is today. And their input as well as helpful tips, it’s not only highly entertaining (especially the Christmas show) but also very educational. In the first Sonic 001, the collaborators showcase their talent in tracks specially composed for this release.

Sonicstate Sonic 001

Sonicstate Sonic 001

It’s always been a musicians resource, run by musicians, for musicians and there’s such an enormous wealth of talent in all the contributors who’ve been part of the Sonic family during that journey, we thought it was high time we showcased it.”

I asked if people would like to contribute a track to the project – and I was amazed by the amount and sheer quality of what was sent in.

There are some new names, some older names, but by no means all the names, so hopefully this compilation will be the first and there’s more to come.
The journey continues – I hope you enjoy every twist and turn on the way!

Big love & thanks to all involved,


The Sonic 001 release features tracks from Richard Hilton, Nick Batt, Chicky & Coco, Gaz Williams, Automatic Gainsay, Corry Banks, MATTHS, Ty Unwin, and more. In this video, Nick talks about the creation of his track

A very welcome project from Nick and Andy. The most important thing, making music, is often lost in all of the synthesizers and music tech news. Here the tables are turned, no gear but pure music.

The Sonicstate SONIC 001 album is available now as a download for £7 GBP or more.

More information here: Sonicstate (Bandcamp)

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  1. Hi … considering the high quality of your content I had to have a little laugh at you using the word “educative”. I had to look it up, I had never seen it used before. The word a native English speaker would use is educational. That said I have a feeling your world is grammatically correct. It’s just not one we are used to seeing/using.

    Thank you for creating such a useful resource.

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