FAC Drumkit, AUv3 drum synth & sample player for iOS

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Fred Anton Corvest (FAC)’s new app Drumkit is a feature-rich AUv3 drum Synthesizer & sample player app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. 

In recent years, the iOS platform has given many young developers a new stage with which they can simply offer music apps. Fred Anton Corvest is one of those young, wild developers who made a name for himself through iOS. Mainly through very high-quality AUv3 effect apps.

His first instrument app made its debut recently. It’s named FAC Drumkit and it’s pretty impressive.

FAC Drumkit

FAC Drumkit

Drumkit is a powerful drum sound design toolbox that combines samples and synthesis. There are 16 voices that can be freely assigned.

The synthesis section uses two oscillators (16 waveforms) per voice with different filters and phase modulation. A perfect basis for building versatile synthetic drum sounds from scratch. If that’s too much work for you, there is also a sample player engine per voice with sample position, filters, phase, and stereo control. You can load a total of 16 user samples, one sample (max 1sec) per voice.

The app also includes unique amp and pitch envelopes with which you can shape the curve of your sounds in a gentle or extreme way. This function makes it possible to design very special transitions. Fred, the developers gives a practical example here:

Indeed, the envelope of a Clap is probably the best one to illustrate the benefit of such envelopes created by points. The burst kind of sound is very hard to replicate with classic ADSR, it’s not the case in FAC Drumkit. Needless to say, thanks to the control points the pitch transitions are also more interesting and precise. The value of each control point can also be altered manually, to set the root note of a kick for example.

Multi-Outputs & Drum Pads

Drumkit also includes multiple outputs supports that give you a lot of freedom on how to route the sounds from the app. With apps such as AUM or iOS DAWs, you can refine these sounds even further. There are different options to trigger the sounds. Either you play them with your classic MIDI controller or you can use the built-in drum pads that as a dedicated page. The latter includes MIDI out support and velocity sensitivity.

Further, many parameters offer MIDI CC automation that gives you yet another way of shaping your sounds from a DAW. The developer ships FAC Drumkit with classic drum machine sounds for instant grooves.

The new app from Fred Anton Corvest looks very interesting. I think the app is for everyone who wants to design their own drum sounds without using the same samples as everyone else. It’s definitely a feature-rich drum sound design app for iOS.

FAC Drum Kit is available now for an introductory price of $13.99 USD and runs on iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch as an AUv3 plugin. Thus it requires an AUv3 compatible host application.

More information here: FAC 

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