Lisa Bella Donna Turning Point, Live Performance & Bandcamp Release

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Lisa Bella Donna has published a new live performance “Turning Point” using Moog synthesizers, available on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Moog Music presents its products at trade fairs but also in online videos. These mostly make musicians who work closely with Moog. One of them is Lisa Bella Donna. She shows in a very musical way every time what is possible with the products of the American company. Besides being a very informative product presenter, she is also a talented musician.

She recently released a live performance video on YouTube and on Bandcamp called Turning Point. The music is very inspired by Krautrock & classical Berlin School plus some neat synth solos.

Lisa Bella Dona Turning Point

Lisa Bella Donna Turning Point

The new video release is a live studio performance “Turning Point” by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna. The performance was commissioned for the post-premiere release of the new film Sisters with Transistors, by Metrograph Films. The composition has three pieces:

  • An Omen Bird’s Departure (0:25)
  • Turning Point (2:45)
  • Autopsy (15:41)

All compositions written, arranged, realized by Lisa Bella Donna. Definitely a music tip for fans of Krautrock from the 60s and 70s.

Lisa Bella Donna’s Turning Point concert is available on Bandcamp.

More information here: Lisa Bella Donna 

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