Tenderfoot Electronics, 5 new modules incl. Source VCO, Echo & Folder

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Tenderfoot Electronics has today introduced five new Eurorack modules including the new Source VCO, a digital Echo as well as a feature-rich wavefolder, and more.

The Eurorack market is growing and growing. New modules are added every day. If I don’t report on all modules, sorry. Unfortunately, I cannot report on all of them and have to pick out the most interesting ones.

From Tenderfoot Electronics in Taiwan, 5 new modules are coming in one go.

Tenderfood Electronics Source VCO

Tenderfoot Electronics Source VCO

The Source VCO (10HP) is a new analog oscillator with an interesting feature set. It has four classic waveforms (triangle, down ramp saw wave, pulse with PW control, sine), each with its own output. Prominently at the top is a 12-position octave dial that covers the low-frequency (2 and a half minutes for one cycle) as well as the high-frequency ranges (16kHz). This gives you stage-ready control over pitch. The fine-tune gives you additional room to adjust your sound over a single octave.

Then, it has an additional sub-oscillator with three modes. Again with its own output. The module can act as an audio-rate VCO or LFO thanks to the switch in the middle of the black/golden interface. Also onboard are inputs for exponential & linear FM, PWM, and sync (soft/hard). The FM and PWM inputs also include an attenuator. A nice oscillator with a very clear interface.

TE Confluence

Confluence (8HP) is an expander for the Source VCO. It adds a two-channel wave mixer and CV-controller crossfader to it. You can mix the waveforms either to channel A or B via the levelers and switches. Very simply implemented. The sub-oscillator is, however not freely routable. It is hardwired to channel A and in channel B, you get a white noise generator.

Confluence has dedicated outputs for each channel but also a main out with the crossfaded signal adjustable with the blend knob. The latter can also be controlled via CV using the mix control. An interesting addition to the Source VCO, especially to achieve more complex waveforms

Tenderfoot Electronics Echo

Echo is a new 8HP digital delay with delay times from two and a half seconds up to 30 milliseconds. The module has a CV-controllable knob with which you can set the delay time. It also has a CV-controllable feedback knob. Both come with attenuators to set precisely the amount of CV. The delay has a fixed of 44 kilobits of onboard memory meaning that the longer the delay time the lower the bit range of the audio output. In practice, this means: the longer the delay, the dirtier and more characterful the sound becomes.

There is also a wet and dry mix control with CV as well as send/return jacks. The latter allows you to patch other effects or filters in the feedback loop. If you only use the return jack, you can also use the module as a cross-fader. Echo is capable of creating a wide range of effects including classic delays, chorus, or vibrato effects.

TE Feed

Feed is the 4HP expander for the Tenderfood Electronics Echo module. It adds control over Echo’s built-in lowpass filter. This is limited to an on/off switch, you cannot control the filter. Then, it gives you control over the feedback with an on and off input when a high-gate is fed inside the module.

Plus you get a three-way switch putting the feedback on, off, or momentary that brings back to the off position when released. The module is basically a barrier that can stop the audio in the feedback loop. Pretty handy. 

TE Folder

Folder is a new 6HP fully CV-controllable wavefolder for Eurorack. It offers a circuit with six folding stages. The main fold function on top of the module can act either in a similar way as a VCA (to the left) or as a folder (right). CV control for it is available with a dedicated attenuator. Then, you have a positive/negative shape function. To the left, you get a brighter, harsher sound known from wavefolders, to the right a more subtle wavefolding sound. The latter feeds back the fundamental frequencies to the inputs. Also here, you have a CV control to automate the shaper.

Next, we have an offset that allows you to add a positive or negative offset to the input signal. It’s CV controllable with an attenuverter. With this, you can change the position of the folder, for example. Lastly, you have an overdrive for the output with CV control that infuses aggressive, metallic sound timbres to your output signal. A very feature-rich wavefolder in my opinion in only 6HP.

Availability and Prices are TBA for the new Tenderfoot Electronics modules.

More information here: Tenderfoot Electronics 

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