Jean-Michel Jarre Has Released His Latest Album Equinoxe Infinity!

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Jean-Michel Jarre celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Equinoxe album with a brand-new album Equinoxe Infinity with 10 atmospheric tracks!

Who does not know the second album Equinoxe by Jean-Michel Jarre from 1978, which was the sequel to the legendary Oxygene album. As with Oxygene 3, JMJ continues with Equinoxe and has released this week Equinoxe Infinity. The album contains 10 brand-new tracks.

After a few playing times I can say that I like the album. It’s very atmospheric and sounds very like a soundtrack from a movie. It is nice to note that Jean-Michel Jarre brought his typical sound of the past (70s / 80s) to the year 2018 by blending elements from the past with new ones. Unfortunately, it’s not on the level on the masterpieces of yesteryear and for me with 39 minutes a bit to short. Nonetheless a nice and harmonious complement to the first Equinoxe album. Of course, a must have and buy for all Jean Michel Jarre fans!

Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe Infinity

Jean-Michel Jarre’s Words

For my new album project EQUINOXE INFINITY I started for the first time with the album cover not the music. I still think that Michael Granger who did the original EQUINOXE cover created one of the best album covers of all time. For the original it was all about the WATCHERs. These strange creatures watching us? Watching Space? Watching machines? Watching a natural phenomenon ? We don’t really know…they are not scary, but odd and mysterious. So I took the original Watchmen of the EQUINOXE cover to continue the story.

I recently discovered the work of Filip Hodas, a super talented young artist, and asked him to create two different artworks in line with my vision for EQUINOXE INFINITY. One cover shows mankind in peace with nature and technology and the other depicts a picture of fear and distortion with machines taking over the world. With the artwork for Oxygene I wanted to draw attention to the poisoned state of planet earth. With these two artworks for EQUINOXE INFINITY I want to bring attention to the two scenarios we are facing today with our love for & our dependance on innovation and technology. The music of EQUINOXE INFINITY is the soundtrack to those two different worlds.


  1. The Watchers (movement 1) 2:57
  2. Flying Totems (movement 2) 3:53
  3. Robot Don’t Cry (movement 3) 5:44
  4. All That You Leave Behind (movement 4) 4:00
  5. If The Wind Could Speak (movement 5) 1:32
  6. Infinity (movement 6)
  7. Machines Are Learning (movement 7): 2:07
  8. The Opening (movement 8): 4:16
  9. Don’t Look Back (movement 9): 3:36
  10. Equinoxe Infinity (movement 10): 7:33

Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe Infinity is available now as CD, Vinyl, Box-Set, download and on all streaming services.

More information here:  Jean-Michel Jarre



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