RetroSound has taken its Roland Jupiter-4 into experimental sound fields

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RetroSound has taken the Roland Jupiter-4 into experimental sound fields that show the analog Synthesizer classic from 1978 in a new light.

Vintage synthesizers are often associated with certain sounds. Some have become legendary. For example, the Synclavier sound in the song “Beat it” by Michael Jackson, or later again in the Marvel Deadpool soundtrack. They trigger memories of these iconic instruments. It goes so far that musicians often buy these vintage synths to get that exact sound.

However, it is often forgotten that these synths can do a lot more. They are not banal romplers but full-fledged synthesizers. YouTuber and sound designer RetroSound recently released a very experimental sound demo of the Roland Jupiter-4 that shows how different this legendary analog synth from 1978 can sound.

Roland Jupiter 4

As a reminder, it is a  4-voice analog Synthesizer with a single VCO, filter with lowpass & highpass, two ADSR envelopes (filter/VCA), single LFO, ensemble/chorus effect, and a built-in arpeggiator. Then, it also had 10 presets that tried to emulate classic instruments. Highlights definitely not. Musicians, today as in the past, prefer to craft the sounds themselves.

The RetroSound video is a nice example that synthesizers (Roland Jupiter-4…) that we have known sonically for a long time can also sound very different. It just has to get into the right sound design hands.

More information here: RetroSound 

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