UVI Asteroid, multi-layer cinematic rhythm and effect designer

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UVI Asteroid is a multi-layer cinematic rhythm and effect designer made from 38.908 samples all built into a flexible virtual instrument for macOS & Windows. 

For many readers of this website, sample libraries are rather unexciting, even boring. But there are also others who cannot get enough of them. I have ot admit there are these sample libraries and these. Simple collections of sounds are too dry for me to talk about them, even if they are the best sounds you’ve ever heard. Hey, but if they are packed in an intuitive interface for Kontakt, UVI free Workstation… So they become more interesting to me.

This turns them into multi-layer virtual instruments with versatile engines and multiple play options. With their new Asteroid library, UVI shows how samples can be shaped into an interesting instrument.

UVI Asteroid

UVI Asteroid

Astroid is a new cinematic rhythm and effect designer made from 38.908 samples. The sound designer team captures a variety of different instruments including field recordings, foley, synthscapes, acoustic & electronic drums, orchestral percussion, and more. This resulted in 276 tweakable presets that cover 1033 instruments.

The sounds are embedded in a newly developed multi-layer engine with an integrated sequencer, multi-fx, and more.

UVI Asteroid

As always with UVI, the seven sound layers can all be edited in detail. If you work with UVI Falcon 2 Synthesizer, then again more. From discrete percussive voices or to stacked to create massive hits, the library gives you a lot of freedom on how to work with it. A little downer, no sample exchange. So you cannot use the engine for your sounds.

The interface is split into four pages. It starts with a performance page with volume sliders for each instrument, thrust, and volume controls. Then, you have an edit page where you can choose another instrument for the multi-layer, add reverb, delay, or stereo width to it. That’s not all. On the bottom, you have additional parameters to tweak your sounds. You can reverse the playback, change the transient, pitch, unison, EQ, five effects, and a note repeater.

Next, you have an effect processor including reverb, decay, equalizer, compressor, and limiter. The last page houses the sequencer, which brings rhythm and movement into the sounds. It gives you sequencing options for the sounds but also parameters.

First Impression & Availability

The library could be interesting for all those epic percussive sounds. Especially good for scores, intros, etc. But also for electronic musicians who would like to make their music more dramatic and bigger.

UVI Asteroid is available now for an introductory price of 99€ (regular 149€) until June 30, 2021. It runs in the UVI free workstation or in the flagship Falcon 2 Synthesizer. The library requires a free iLok software account.

More information here: UVI 

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