Patch Base releases editor/librarian for the Yamaha reface DX Synthesizer

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The Patch Base macOS/iPad app now includes a new editor for the Yamaha reface DX Synthesizer that simplifies patch design and organization.

The Yamaha reface instruments are beautiful, great-sounding digital instruments. Two synthesizers, a VA and an FM, an organ, and an electric piano. The instruments are very affordable, offer a lot, and are simply fun. With the reface DX, for example, Yamaha tried to revive the charm of the legendary DX-7 in a small, compact form but only with four operators.

It’s not an accurate DX-7 emulation but it’s a super solid FM synth. I go so far I say that it’s one of the best-sounding, modern FM synths out there. However, all reface instruments have one problem in common: patch memory. Either no or only a limited number are available on the devices like the 32 in the dx.

Patch Base reface DX editor

Coffeeshopped, the developer of the macOS / iOS Patch Base app, today released an editor for the reface FX that makes it easier to create patches and patch banks.

Patch Base reface DX

The new Patch Base reface DX editor shows all of the parameters on a single screen. There is also a representation of the currently selected algorithm. The developer has also built in some practical workflow improvements. For example, you can copy/paste envelopes or complete operators that simplify patching.

Patch Base reface dx

On a second screen, you also have a bank editor that lets you organize the 32 sounds stored on the dx. This makes it easier to swap out a collection of sounds, and create different banks as needed. And thanks to the battery operation, you can use the iPad and the reface DX also outside the studio for creating new patches.

The editor also supports sysex file import either on mac via drag & drop or on iPad using the iCloud or Files app. Plus there is a random generator with which you can instant new patches. Not every roll of the dice will be a sound hit, but it can be a good starting point. Also often nice to get crazy sounds out of a synth.

I’m glad to see that there is now a patch editor for the reface DX. I’m a big fan of the Yamaha reface CS virtual analog Synthesizer myself. Although it cannot save presets, I would be very happy if it also gets an editor with which you can quickly change sounds. The Soundmondo app from Yamaha is very cumbersome.


The Patch Base editor for the Yamaha reface DX editor is available now for $29.99 USD or in the All Access bundle for $99.99 USD. You can also subscribe for $5.99 per month or annually for $59.99 USD that includes all the editors.

More information here: Patch Base

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  1. Where did you find the info about an All In Bundle for 99,99 usd? I thought Coffeeshopped stopped that formula some years ago… a reason why I lost interest in the product back then.

    • If you check the AppStore link and go to in-app purchases, there are All Access bundles listed.

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